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  • thanks i will. might not be for a few weeks but i will let you know.
  • I watched the gif. I downloaded and paused the gif with media player classic. it does appear to work. I have the custom portal interface in the modern mode. It does force a first screen where you have to select from both domains (localdomain, and mydomain.ca) but it is defaulted correctly to mydomain.ca now. I guess thats…
  • Well someone can test that and see if it does. I feel like i did test it. The appliance is live right now so i am not going to go flipping settings around. In the screen shot from this page the domain is blank: and i am pretty sure it didnt work when i tested it. But someone else can retest.
  • Due to the poopy bird and marketing info, i just made a custom portal page. On that page i added the text to tell users to switch the drop down from "localdomain" to "domain.ca". Also a message is put there that they cant log on with their full email address, as people are very prone to doing because single sign on…
  • ok well um that does explain it... i am running version 10.2. Seems they didnt remove the settings, or licensing, sigh. do you know if it is replaced with something else? or they just dropped this feature. i used teamviewer for what i ahd to do this morning and it seemed to work fine.
  • ah nevermind actually. i decided to use the minimal interface last night and didnt post a comment back. i did as you said BWC, just made a basic message and changed the logo to look better on white. Minimal (custom) is better anyway.
  • you think i should set a portal for localdomain? I have only one domain. And LocalDomain. This request is to make it default to MY real domain, not localdomain, for users when they first bring up the webpage.
  • yes i do have a virtual host already. I am able to select it from the dropdown, then actually it goes to that page you have the screenshot of above. So i did have that page, it just defaults to LocalDomain, until you pick the correct domain one time and maybe it sets a cookie or something. it does not use it like a normal…
  • it was a firewall problem in the end it appears. I change the IP address and then it started working fine. I am still trying to figure out exactly what rule is causing the problem but it does look like a configuration issue on my end. Sorry about that!
  • hmm ok, well i have no idea what the heck is going on then. It does not appear to be being blocked by the firewall. but yet it never allows me to get to licensing and the connection test fails. was working last week... i updated the firmware and changed the hostname, but i am pretty sure thats the onyl changes i made. i…
  • ok well how did you do that? and how do you switch to "localdomain" when you do need to administrate the actual backend of the appliance?
  • it presents the correct domain in the "please choose your domain" box? actually it does for me too, if i use classic interface. On contemporary it presents always LocalDomain first. Yes i am using URLs and subdomains too. There is just one domain, not even multiple. One domain and 'localdomain' that is.
  • "Once selected," do you mean once selected by the user initially the first time? I do have a portal already created. As in, i have a virtual office under portals -> portals Are you saying that every user has to flip it from localdomain? becuase yeah, thats the behaviour i am trying to correct. Can you please put it in as a…
  • thanks for posting this. i switched to teh classic interface on mysonicwall and actually its even more hilarious. There are three different "current" firmware branches. LOL. 10.2 10.0 and 9.0 why god why.... unless you are removing features, i dont get why you would have so many branches. however it seems like you can…
  • actually you know what when i tried to do a "guest shutdown" in vmware over the weekend, i had this same problem happened. it just auto restarted even though i told it to gracefully shut down and it did. Must be something in the OVA file. but then i just did a "power off" and it worked fine. i adjusted the ram and cpu and…