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  • Hi @BWC , Sorry - only seeing this now. This should be resolved with this evenings database update. Please check tomorrow morning and let the support engineer know of the results. Thanks, Anthony
  • Hey @RWBacher Glad to hear !
  • Hmm thats odd. What firmware are you on? No need to reboot. It should hand out ip's if its enabled. If you connect a device directly to the X3 interface does it get an ip? Anthony
  • Hey @RWBacher , Please go to Network -> DHCP and click on add new dynamic scope. In the settings pop up, click on pre populate and select X3 - it will fill in all information for you based on the X3 interface config. After this, you should now have a scope for the X3 interface subnet. Anthony
  • Hi @JAlkazian , Based on your last comment, It sounds like you have 3 sites and you would like communication between all three? if that is the case, a hub and spoke VPN set up might be what you are looking for: Implementing Hub and Spoke Site-to-Site VPN (Video Tutorial) | SonicWall Anthony
  • Hi @BWC Could you provide me with your case # ? Thanks!
  • Hi @JAlkazian , If both sites have the same subnet, you can set up a site to site VPN and use NAT to help the traffic traverse. Please see the following KB article that will show you the steps how to set this up: How can I configure NAT over VPN in a Site to Site VPN? | SonicWall Or do you mean you are looking to extend…
  • Hey @BHall , This could be due to various options or issues. Does this happen with just one laptop you are testing with or multiple? I would recommend going through this kb article to make sure the config lines up. There is a few causes and resolutions for this issue in this kb: Not able to get an IP address for GVC…
  • Hey @WillD44 , Did you reboot the pc after installing the reg file? Ref: How to export and import connection profiles in NetExtender | SonicWall Anthony
  • Hey Michael, On that site you listed: at the top left, you can click on: To submit requests for status to be reviewed, please click here. And a form will pop up and you can put the information there. I understand that on the site its showing the correct…
  • When the internet fades out, are you able to connect to the firewalls management interface via x0 LAN interface? This is to see if all traffic flowing in and out of the firewall interfaces stop, or if its just the WAN interface. I would suggest taking an export of the TSR and checking the CPU states as well as the FPA pool…
  • Hey @YMobile Is the firewall up to date on firmware (7.0.1-5065 is the latest for Gen 7 and for Gen6 firewalls) Are you able to connect to anything else in the networks behind the firewall? What is the SSLVPN Pool range? Does it overlap or match any other network behind the firewall? If you can, please set up…