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  • Hi @Phil360 , I am glad that you were able to locate the settings, thanks to @BWC . Meanwhile, we have updated the KB article with this information. Regards Karan
  • Hi @Larry , Thank you for sharing the steps for the settings migration process. I will review the existing KB: (https://www.sonicwall.com/support/knowledge-base/how-to-create-gen-7-settings-file-by-using-the-online-migration-tool/210115150800277/) and act accordingly. Regards Karan
  • Hi @Alberto , I am glad that the issue was solved. If @Saravanan 's comment answered your question, please mark Yes to "Did this answer your question" so that others may benefit from it in the future. Regards Karan
  • Hi @TMFCU , I hope you are safe and well! If I understood the scenario correctly, you are trying to migrate the settings from TZ 100 to TZ 350. If yes, you can simply export the settings from TZ 100 and import to TZ 350. For more information, please follow KB…
  • Hello @DDI , I'm sorry to hear about this inconvenience. Please PM your case number so that we can follow up with our support team internally. Regards Karan
  • Hello @LukaszTech , I hope you are safe and well! @Simon, any thoughts on this? As per my understanding, It doesn't seem to be normal behavior. @LukaszTech , In my suggestion, it would be best to handle this over a support case. Kindly attach the data and our support team will further analyze the cause of this issue.…
  • Hi @DDI , I hope you are safe and well! As per the issue description, I understand that you are facing the issue, only with iPhones. Can you please try the below and test? • Please follow the steps suggested under: https://www.sonicwall.com/support/knowledge-base/unable-to-call-via-apple-wifi-calling/170505913456806/ . If…
  • Hi @brentr , I hope you are safe and well! You shoud be able to see the logs related to IPS prevention and detection by enabling it under MANAGE | Log Settings | Base Setup. Regards Karan
  • Hello @RedNet , I'm sorry to hear about this inconvenience, Can you please try the steps suggested by MASTERROSHI and if you are still facing the issue, please PM your case number so that we can follow up with our support team internally. Regards Karan
  • Thanks @shiprasahu93 @SWuservpn , adding to what Shipra suppgested, in case you are using a separate subnet for GVC, you might need to add that subnet under Local network (Main Site) and Remote Network on site B. This will form the SA between GVC and remote site as well. Regards Karan
  • Hello @MBS , I trust you are safe and well! You can find the Module ID and Drop Code ID for firmware at: https://www.sonicwall.com/support/knowledge-base/explanation-of-drop-code-and-module-id-values-in-packet-capture-output-sonicos-6-5-4-5/200930133211957/ Regards Karan
  • @Chris , I hope we get to hear you play Piano soon. Congratulations on completing the first work anniversary with SonicWall. Work Objectives This week I completed KCS Champion training for @Saravanan1990_V . Exploring a few ideas for the monthly Newsletter and KCS reporting. PersonalObjective: I have to submit a few case…
  • @Darshil , Once you are done importing the settings backup and if you can log in, I would suggest exporting a copy of TSR, In case the firewall behaves the same way, this might help the Tech support agents with troubleshooting the issue. Please…
  • @shiprasahu93 and @Saravanan1990_V , Thank you for the suggestion, We will look into this.
  • ThankYou @shiprasahu93 Adding to this as per Sophos lab " Ragnar Locker works in a tricky way, the Ragnar Locker actors used a GPO task to execute Microsoft Installer (msiexec.exe), passing parameters to download and silently install a 122 MB crafted, unsigned MSI package from a remote web server.” “In addition to the…