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  • I've done some digging into this, and I have a theory, based on the evidence I've collected, which I'm hoping someone can confirm. It took longer than it should have to figure this out, because support had said this error should only be seen when the firewall reboots. What i should have done is read the actual error, and…
  • the firewall is running: SonicOS Enhanced There are 2 domains that are not resolving that I'm removing from that group, however a non-resolving FQDN shouldn't generate a policy not found error, should it?
  • Any ideas here?
  • Saravanan, Thank you for the quick response. Does the sonicwall not log a hardware failover? Scott
  • Updating this: DHCP on the firewall comes from 2 pools. Users are assigned addresses from both pools. Logs on the firewall are showing "DHCP Server: Resources of this pool ran out" Lease time is 120 min. Is there any reason not to add a third DHCP pool? Currently the firewall says there are 228 addresses configured There…
  • Any update on this? And while we're waiting, what's the process for submitting a feature request to Sonicwall?
  • Interesting... but I'm seeing a lot of "Not supported in NSM 2.0" so I'm thinking we're not going to be signing up for the beta. NMS on-prem 2.1 or whatever comes next may have the features we need. No workflow in 2.0. I guess you have to have priorities and stick to them. "NSM On-prem will be offered on EXSi, Hyper-V, KVM…
  • Good to know... it would have been nice to have someone from Sonicwall chime in on this. At the very least, it would be good to get the documentation changed so you don't go hunting for pages that aren't in the release. Sadly, we don't have the option for NSM, we need an on prem solution, so we're stuck with this for the…
  • So I keep digging on this, and I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. In this document: I found this: When I look at my GMS implementation, I see this: So where is the System | Certificates page? This document is written for v9.2 and I checked and I'm running v9.2. The only place I can find that references…
  • We're trying to implement LDAP authentication for GMS using SSL and are getting this error: SSL Error: CA Certificate is not present in the server certificate chain. Please go to System > Certificates screen to import the server certificate. Alternatively use the keytool command to import the server certificate. Is there…
  • Found a product from Titania called Nipper that creates a pretty impressive report from a sonicwall settings file. It's fairly pricey, but if you need a report on firewall rules for compliance, this makes it simple and concise.
  • After enabling keep-alive on one side of the site to site VPN, and confirming it was off on the other side, we started seeing much more frequent drops on the connection, impacting a majority of users. I have disabled the keep-alive and things appear to be back to normal. I have opened a ticket with support, but any insight…
  • I've enabled keep-alive on one side, (it was not enabled) and confirmed the timeouts are matching. Shouldn't the phase 2 reconnect as soon as traffic attempts to pass, even if keep-alive is not enabled?
  • Call with Support They determined that the IP address change caused a problem in the database with the scheduler ID. Engineer removed the conflicting data and everything went back to normal.
  • -- When you add Time Created and/or Time Updated columns, and try to sort by either of them, the triangle indicating which way the sort is going changes, but the sort doesn't change. Just in case someone wants a task for the next update: