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  • I spent some time with support on this one, and a somewhat frustrated support engineer trying to explain to me that the numbers in the # column of the GUI don't mean anything, and change based on the search, or display options: Other than helping you find where you are on the page, there's no value to these numbers. This…
  • No takers on this one?
  • If you didn't use the wizard to create the NAT policy, you'll also need to add a WAN to LAN (or whatever zone your server is in) rule.
    in Inbound NAT Comment by shultis July 2020
  • @Saravanan It took a few reboots, while we were fixing other issues, but at some point, the backups started working normally. Thanks for the help
  • Sonicwall support determined the issue was with the SSL certificate we installed on GMS. We will be generating a new cert, installing and will update here.
  • Thank you for the update. We rebooted the GMS server this morning troubleshooting another issue. I will check tomorrow to see if it's backing up on schedule, and then check the other tips.
  • Sonicwall support is saying engineering is asking for WAN access to our GMS server and admin level credentials. Does this seem odd to anyone other than me?
  • Hello Saravanan, I have firewalls at and, GMS is at 9.2.9218.1473.0000. If there is a known good configuration, I would rollback the GMS server to resolve this issue. Any information on either a fix, or a work-around would be appreciated.