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  • Unless there is something in 12.4.2 that you really need or want, no reason to upgrade. 12.4.1 is GR.and not a FR.
  • Likely will depend from which release you are upgrading from.
  • Normally you would like the clients to update as well to match the server. Depends on what security issues you are concerned about, will dictate if the client side is necessary. How you push it will also depend on how your infrastructure is set up. If you want to push it when users login, then set that in the community in…
  • If that license wasn't issued for use in CMS it would fail to import. Otherwise try it in the SMA. Without knowing how your setup is, I would try it CMS first. Good luck.
  • Been a decade that I had to do this in windows as host, kiwi syslog was what I used then. Going with syslog-ng is also a standard approach though I am not sure if it's free for windows. HTH
  • That normally depends on what OS you want to use to host your syslog server. Most *nix OS have either syslog-ng or rsyslog installed. Both can do the job of receiving that syslog feed. HTH
  • Perhaps you need a better network guy if he cant think of another way to provide help for you while you maintain your PCI compliance. I dont know what product/s you use or how is this remote access setup but I think your PCI compliance outweighs the network guy's immediate convenience. DM me if you want help with that, I…
  • Thats probably coming from your /var/log/couchdb partition complaining that its only 4GB. Depending on how busy your usage is, that can get fill due to the various things replication does. If you vm instance when you provisioned it was actually 240GB disk, then the partitioning is problematic, assuming you followed the…
  • CMS hitting internal / X0 or external / X1 of your Aventail server? Regardless, CMS talks over tcp 443 and not via AMC on 8443. But if you want to restart AMC aka mgmt-server while ssh into your box, /etc/init.d/mgmt-server restart . I would ssh to your CMS and see if you can hit tcp 443 on your sma. You likely got simple…