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  • Hi @MPERU99, have you tried using instead of * as Address Object? However as far as I see we only support IPs as exclusion objects in the Geo-IP. I would suggest you doing something different as a test: create a new Access Rule from your source zone to your WAN (either allowing ANY source and as…
  • Hi @mrshahin, based on what I see here, the provisioning profile you talk about is related to old and not supported SonicPoints. The latest firmware versions don't show those SonicPoints any longer but the profile may still be on the configuration as it shows there. I would suggest ignoring/not using that profile else the…
  • @daniel_lilja we had RFE 1817 previously reported but rejected due to the current OS design. We are working to create a new one but for the next firewalls generation.
  • @daniel_lilja we verified with @shiprasahu93 and unfortunately this feature is not planned for our current firewalls' generation due to design limitations. We're currently raising a Request for Enhancement for our next generation of firewalls.
  • Hi @daniel_lilja, unfortunately we have no ways of exporting log settings without exporting the current configuration. I remember we had requested such feature in the past but let me follow up and see where it stands. Francesco
  • This is really amazing, we definitely needed such collection. Great work @Nevyaditha
  • I agree with Shipra, that is definitely something to look out for!
  • Hi @DDRDiesel, thanks for asking here in the community. I think the best approach here would be to have our Support to take a deeper look, here we can just provide some recommendations. On a first look, it seems to be that packets are getting lost because most of the successful pings have a low latency and then traffic…
  • Hi @Doctor_Wizard, Welcome in our community. What you're trying to achieve can be done but I think you may be confusing things there 😊 SonicOS will allow you to configure a DHCP entry with a default GW that is in the same subnet as the IP assigned. In order to allow communications across multiple levels/subnet, you can…
  • @Darshil Best option (and quickest) would be to go to the LDAP server and check if there's an account with the same name as the built-in admin account. In case there is, please delete it.
  • @Darshil based on the above, it looks like LDAP may be enabled and there is an admin account there causing confusion as @shiprasahu93 mentioned. Did you recently enabled LDAP or edited the users there?
  • @Darshil have you also tried the built-in admin via SSH? You should not get access denied with the built-in admin. It's quite weird it redirects, I've seen such issues but usually are related to browser issues. If you tried multiple browsers and it did not resolve it, best way would be to get access via SSH if possible.
  • Hi @Darshil , based on what I see it looks like you're trying to login with a non-admin user. The fact that via SSH it denies the connection and via GUI it will show that message it means that you're using a normal user with non-administration capabilities. Have you modified the users settings by any chance? Do you have…
  • @Darshil Have you tried multiple browsers/laptops? What happens after you type user and password and click Login? What is the firmware version of your firewall (if you remember)? Can you check whether you have access to the CLI via SSH?
  • Hi @pmelchiori, resolves quite a few issues found on and I don't know what issues you faced but my recommendation would be to upgrade to and if the issues persists you can contact our Support to get assistanfe. Just see above about Dell Switches: if you use them, please just wait some day…