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  • @SClaude for a more granular configuration of VPN Tunnels, configuring Tunnel Interface VPN is the best option. Based on the info provided, you would need to create Tunnel Interface VPN and then you can create routing rules with metric for redundancy:…
  • @cheaperfiat the VPN should not be filtering or block any system but it can be used to keep traffic encrypted/private between two sites or towards the internet. Features such as Content Filtering can be used to block/allow specific websites however a block should have been already configured if counterfeit money websites…
  • @Edwin our apologies for the delay. For this type of issue, I would highly recommend you open a tech support ticket and one of our Support Engineers will help troubleshooting this.
  • @boaz apologies for the delay here. We currently do not support this however our team may evaluate to add this in future releases. Please feel free to contact our Sales team and report this feature request or if you would like us to investigate further, you can contact our Technical Support…
  • @boe thanks for highlighting this issue. May I ask you if you could raise a Support Case regarding this? We would like to investigate and understand what the root cause is. From your description, it looks like the settings migration using the migration tool is causing this issue. Once the case is open, please reach out to…
  • @BWC and @gwc we're currently investigating on a possible issue on the MySonicWall side. We will share further updates as soon as possible.
  • @Tg1986 The best option to investigate this type of issue is via our Technical Support Team ( as it requires more details and information about the configuration. The issue you're seeing should not happen if DPI-SSL is configured correctly so our engineers should be able…
  • @BWC I agree with you that the Statistics shown there might be misleading and I believe the Support Team should investigate further on this too so I'd highly recommend you to reach out on the same. As for the limitation with the Security Associations, these can be easily avoided by using Tunnel Interface VPNs and using…
  • @BWC Apologies for the delay here. Regarding your initial question on the TZ270: this device supports a total of 50 Site to Site VPN Tunnels and 200 Phase 1 Security Associations. You can create up to 50 tunnels however each tunnel may contain multiple Security Associations depending on the amount of networks added to the…
  • @BWC apologies for the delay here. I don't know whether your issue got resolved but I would advise you to contact our Technical Support to investigate further if you're still facing it.
  • @AbilityIT Apologies for the delay, here's the hash: b4e29030c2de6ef62d0772e33b253cd5 Francesco Madia
  • Hi Samaj, the above log indicates that there might be a possible computer which may be scanning for FIN Packets (a type of TCP Flag). A FIN scan is a type of Port Scan to detect whether specific ports are open/closed on a target machine and it can be used to attack the target. I would recommend you to check on the source…
    in logs Comment by fmadia October 2021
  • Hi Alberto, let me look into this and follow up internally. --Francesco
  • Hi Alberto, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. What issues are you facing right now after the upgrade to is fully supported by us and also recommended after We don't recommend downgrades but we can advice for a rollback: the difference is that with a rollback you factory default the…
  • Hi Alberto, as far as I can see from the excerpt above the process was used but currently it's 0% - perhaps was it used in the past? Also, SonicOS always keeps processes running even though they're not used but the usage would be very low.