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  • Hi, Eventually i had opened a case with the Support team, and they advised to enable the aggressively and fully recycle expired DHCP leases in advance. Network>DHCP>Advanced settings>Others. But our issue got resolved automatically when the traffic was shifted from active to standby unit, after that we did not face the VPN…
  • Hi, Did you get any solution for this? Even we are facing the same issue. 3/4/2021 15:20:56.706 I Tunnel Set protocol state from ProtoESPConfigure to ProtoClientConfigure 3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Tunnel Protocol message ShutdownMessage received, size 72, Allow 3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 W Tunnel SHUTDOWN(6): Unable to assign…
  • Hi Shipra, Thank you for your inputs, unfortunately we have users using mobile connect on android. Does version has any issues? Do you recommend to upgrade to version instead of due to few issues.