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Connect Tunnel - VPN Server could not allocate an IP Address

We have a user that is seeing his Connect Tunnel sessions with an SMA 8200v dropping and the error that comes up is " VPN Server could not allocate an IP Address".

The firewall is providing DHCP and the pool is not exhausted.

This is the only user we know of having this issue.

The SMA license pool is not exhausted

Connect Tunnel is on version 12.40.541

Our next step is to uninstall and reinstall Connect Tunnel, but we want to make sure we're not seeing some kind of DHCP issue, which we'd want to resolve before other users experience the same issue.

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


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    shultisshultis Newbie ✭

    Updating this:

    DHCP on the firewall comes from 2 pools.

    Users are assigned addresses from both pools.

    Logs on the firewall are showing "DHCP Server: Resources of this pool ran out"

    Lease time is 120 min.

    Is there any reason not to add a third DHCP pool?

    Currently the firewall says there are 228 addresses configured

    There are no dhcp clients other than SMA VPN clients

    We have never exceeded our 150 VPN licenses.

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    SandeepSandeep Newbie ✭


    Did you get any solution for this? Even we are facing the same issue.

    3/4/2021 15:20:56.706 I Tunnel Set protocol state from ProtoESPConfigure to ProtoClientConfigure

    3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Tunnel Protocol message ShutdownMessage received, size 72, Allow 

    3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 W Tunnel SHUTDOWN(6): Unable to assign Client VIP: no more addresses available

    3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Tunnel Set protocol state from ProtoClientConfigure to ProtoClosed

    3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Tunnel RAS pipe closed

    3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 E Ras The VPN Manager service reported an error. 

    Error 0xE3050011: The server was unable to allocate a client IP address

    3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Tunnel Set tunnel state from TunnelNegotiate to Closed

    3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Tunnel Tunnel closed

    3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Vpn Signal the user that the tunnel has closed

    3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Vpn Signal the user that the call has completed

    3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Vpn Error(1073807372): VcTunnelOpenComplete failed, 

    3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Vpn Error(c0000241): TunnelHeaderReceiveComplete failed, The transport connection was aborted by the local system.

    3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I General Compressor Details:

    CompressedPackets :0

    CompressedPostBytes :0

    CompressedPreBytes :0

    UnCompressedBytes :0

    DecompressedPackets :0

    DecompressedPostBytes :0

    DecompressedPreBytes :0

    3/4/2021 15:21:32.623 I Ras Closing communication pipe {9C9D18EC-07BB-401E-81A3-CA8B0327FDD6} with the VPN Manager service.

    3/4/2021 15:21:32.623 E Ras RasCustomDial completed with errors. 

    Error 0xE3050011: VPN server could not allocate an IP address.

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