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  • A few days later and no issues. Really odd the issue vanished, especially since I didn't even power cycle anything since the issue started. So I have to "assume" it was something with our ISP's upstream provider, not the TZ300.
  • under Firewall Settings ->Bandwidth Management = Bandwidth Management Type: None System Diagnostic Gateway/dns/my sonicwall/ license Manager All passed Odd thing just happened, I tested again and speeds were normal again. I will try again later before I say it is fixed. That said, I have not made any changes yet not eve a…
  • Thanks for the feed back. This TZ300 does not have any purchased security service to turn off currently. It was: Reset to factory Registered IP changed DHCP Range adjusted. Web site port forward (Internal web server) Not much else. I just don't see a reason for what is going on. All the computers and devices seem fine.…
  • Interesting, I added that NAT policy and it seems to be allowing the use of a browser and pulling a local IP. Also when I requested an external IP check it reports the IP assigned by my ISP as expected. Nicely spotted. But I have a follow up question... How is this working if the sonicWALL Virtual NIC does not show a…
  • OK never mind, I rebooted and its working again? Weird...
  • Well I tried two different TZ100s factory reset with 3 different firmware versions, and the speed varied with repeat testing on both... From 5Mbps to 40Mbps, (Most about 23Mbps) The signal will carry 70Mbps repeatedly if I bypass the sonicWALL. (I tested that) If either would hold 40Mbps I would be OK, I think I will just…
  • OK, I have downloaded and installed firmware on the system and I am back up to 40Mbps again... But I do not have my GVPN license even though it is showing valid on the website..., How do I get my upgrade key and keyset from the site to enter locally? My guess is SonicWALL changed the server location/version…
  • Ok I tried a factory reset, and got 44Mbps. I restored my setting and still had ~40Mbps. I the needed to register my Sonic wall and it had an issue connecting. I updated my firmware to the latest version, and it registered and picked up my license for the GVPN So I rebooted and tried the test, 10Mbps... What the heck, the…
  • I upgraded the firmware to and it let me register...
  • Item 1 is the speed set correctly: Yes My status it 100 Mbps Full Duplex Item 2 Verified MTU wit ISP Item 3 Ping Test: Looks good 2-4ms to the PPPOE radio and 10-17ms to outer edge of my ISP. 4 hops.. Item 4: DNS: I have tested the suggested DNS by the ISP plus several others and all seem similar..
  • Yes to do the test I disconnected everything from the TZ100. (unplugged cables from all ports) Then I connected the WAN and a single PC as the LAN. I am reviewing the KB now.
  • OK never mind. I went off to another task for an hour or so, and when I came back to this task it worked 1st try... 184.x.x.x:4490 and I got my login... (Go figure) Not sure what needed to update but it started working now... I would delete this thread but don't see an option... Thx anyway
  • Sorry got side tracked. (Life happens) I will try out your suggestions and report back.
  • I changed the X1 IP from My PPPOE connection IP to my public IP and it seems to be working. :) I need to test more but it looks good at this point.. Thank you all for your time. I will post again if there is an issue.
  • I have created the NAT policy with no improvement. I do have a question about Source IP (X1 IP), I assume I am correct to use the IP of the PPPOE connection. I used the IP of the PPPOE provided to the Sonicwall i.e. (X1 Default Gateway) Should I be using the Public IP instead?