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  • Thank You @Saravanan
  • Hi @shiprasahu93 @Saravanan showing offline status in my sonicwall account for syslog based analytics.
  • @Saravanan I checked it showed syslog based analytics
  • @shiprasahu93 We have a licensed for syslog base analytics and we have installed syslog based analytics only. In my sonicwall account I am seeing offline status for analytics serial no.
  • Hi @Simon Thank you for your reply. We are using connect tunnel client to estalblished VPN coonection. so i just wanted to know if I select TLS 1.2 only then which client version get affected.
  • Hi @shiprasahu93 I have tried on Multiple client machines by accessing application but every Time I am getting same type of packet capture. Should I try by enabling " fix/ignore TCP malformed packets" on diag page. Is this setting help me to resolve this issue because if you see in Packet capture we recieve out of order…
  • Hi @Saravanan We have configured GVC is split tunnel mode and we have used our internal DNS server address for GVC client users.
  • Hi @shiprasahu93 Is this count is same for all sonicwall model or it is vary depending on model no
  • Hi @shiprasahu93 We have 100 mbps link at firewall side. SSL vpn users are routed thorugh firewall for internet access. When they are connected to ssl vpn getting 2-3 mbps internet speed.
  • @Saravanan what about the 2nd point that i have mentioned. Can we hide disconnect tab once user get connected to ssl VPN. Also we are using latest version of netextnder client
    in SSL VPN Comment by Ninad94 July 2020
  • Okay @Saravanan I will check by removing Wan remote access object in VPN access of the user account. Also I want to achieve below two points in sonicwall ssl-vpn. 1. Client get automatically connect when we disconnect and reconnect wifi. i.e client should get automatically connect when machine have internet access. I have…
    in SSL VPN Comment by Ninad94 July 2020
  • @Saravanan so in this case we have to replace local host as a host name instead of IP address in configsgms.xml file. I am following below article.
  • @Saravanan IP is going to change so instead of IP can we use server name..??
  • @Saravanan Our GMS is running on windows. Currently we are using 8.7 GMS version Yes Our GMS is in distributed environment and we are have dedicated server for MySql database.
  • @shiprasahu93 Does Duo work with the SonicWALL NSA Global VPN?
    in GVC issue Comment by Ninad94 June 2020