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  • This might help: https://www.sonicwall.com/support/technical-documentation/docs/nsm-administration/Content/topics/VPN/topologies.htm/
  • Your firewall is probably a TZ570, and yes, you can do a site to site VPN with an IP from DHCP on the Firewall WAN interface (Aggressive Mode). But maybe you should make sure that your firewall is on the latest firmware first, and then also make sure that you try VLAN7 or no VLAN at all for your PPPoE. If all fail, then…
  • Some users have found that this was caused by user session timeout setting and that impacted the ssl-vpn engine where users were listed multiple times even after disconnecting from ssl-vpn. This might not even be a bug, but I do not know for sure.
  • You can probably do all that by editing your VPN to LAN and LAN to VPN access rules on the firewall for that particular VPN policy. Creating the additional service objects, address objects and user groups may be required before editing the access rules.
  • The additional storage is used for event logs. You can check on the firewall GUI under System>Status if the storage is already being recognized and used, then you do not need to do anything. Or o install the new Flexible Storage Module unit in the NSa appliance: Remove the new storage module from the shipping package.…
  • I had a look at 43938087. Sorry, but that issue has not been fixed yet. We expect it to be resolved in NSM cloud version 2.3.3-6, which should be released end of May. Just to make sure you are not having some different issue and waste your time waiting, I would also recommend you make sure your firewall log settings are…
  • Here are the release notes for GMS SP2. https://software.sonicwall.com/GMSViewPointVA/Documentation/232-005800-00_RevB_GMS_9.3SP2_ReleaseNotes.pdf
  • You will have to contact the SonicWALL technical support team before you can reuse your Authentication-Key and Serial-Number from your current Analytics installation. The reason is that every installation of Analytics or GMS will generate an GUID (globally unique identifier) and that needs to be deleted on our backend by…
  • The flood protection/detection looks at the numbers of packets coming in or going out from the same IP in a specified time. Example config: ///UDP Flood Attack Threshold (UDP Packets / Sec): 10000 if the firewall gets 10000 UDP packets from the same IP within 2 Seconds ///UDP Flood Attack Blocking Time (Sec): 2 it will…
  • The login to NSM is not supposed to be done from nsm-eucentral.sonicwall.com, from nsm-uswest.sonicwall.com, but from mysonicwall.com or from cloud.sonicwall.com. If the login from cloud.sonicwall.com is not working, please try from mysonicwall.com: Log in to mysonicwall.com with your new user or and click on…
  • It may sound simple but make sure you enabled IPv6 support on the administration page, and that you rebooted your firewall afterwards on the latest firmware.
  • Thank you for using our community portal. Your issue is a bit more technical and therefore it should be directed to technical support. Our team will be happy to help you. ps. Not a robot... I know, thats what a robot would say :blush:
  • We patched all log4j vulnerabilities. If your system is up to date then you have nothing to worry about. Please contact our support team to make sure you are up to date.
  • Thanks for your feedback guys. We are continuously employing new engineers, and we know they do their best. We will look into this.
  • If you add Analytics to NSM then yes. Analytics on itself wont be capable to do what you looking for.