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  • Oh im not saying 6 hasnt had its issues. but when working, with Gen 6 you got a massive and very good report , The report on GEN 7 is a joke! its nothing like Gen 6 , lacking so much information.. I actually have to create .docx files and take screen shots out of the firewall to add as an addendum to the Gen 7 CTA, its…
  • Well we have decided since Sonicwall cannot manage GEO IP properly (example is NOT an isreal site) yet sonicwall database believes it is. Yes, I have reported it to sonicwall, months ago, it still hasnt been addressed. so we have decided to allow out going initiators to entire countries like Canada, Ireland, etc..…
  • The CTA report on Gen 7 is a REAL JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @sonicwall are you guy serious? why would you change the report that 6.5 generates into this JOKE of a report! ?
  • yes it does not matter which browser you use, the browser will timeout on slow internet connections. Sonicwall move to Gen 7 UI graphical bells and whistles only ruined the management of the firewall, they care more about looks than function anymore, trying to appease someone. and forgetting the real reason they exist.…
  • Oh and by the way!! because SONICWALL is SO FAT!! when loading the 7.0 pages.. we have a firewall that you cannot access X1 (public IP) because the internet connection is only about 20Mbps down and 5Mbps up and so when SONICWALLs fat ass webpage tries to load it times out , therefore that particular 7.x firewall has to be…
  • yes when you create a ipsec site to site tunnel IpHelper creates an automatic IpHelper.. This is NONE editable you can hover over and see the destinations but you cannot edit it.
  • not sure if this will help or maybe trigger something in your brain, but you may have to create a VPN address object of the server like i did, then create access rule VPN to VPN to pass that particular object over the VPN , I know it sounds odd because you may already have the LAN objects created under the VPN tunnel but I…
  • This has nothing to do with GVC, this is site to site , turns out YOU HAVE to take down the existing tunnel, on the firewall you are wanting to add the address objects to. then you can slide the address objects into the remote network address object grouping, then you can bring the tunnel back up.. THIS IS [email protected]^)%ing…
  • This has been happening a lot to my tickets as well.. No one actually addresses the issue and wants you to call in. Then they want to open A NEW case, and they NEVER get it right.
  • I have decided not to use NSM, waste of money for only 5 firewalls. I can just copy paste what i need to do. , I still just cannot believe its 2022 and you still cannot export Address objects out of one firewall and import them into another.. its mind boggling this hasnt been available. I never liked the idea of cloud…
  • My original question was left back in June , I still have not gone to NSM and frankly we are looking for a replacement Firewall, the fact that it is 2021 and you cannot export or import IP address / FQDN from the gui is absurd to say the least. Support is lacking very few i speak with actually know what they are doing or…
  • Ya I only have like 5 production office firewalls, 3 production remote user firewalls and 2 non production TZ350 (lab) firewalls to play with. So basically a handful , definitely not a fleet , I dont even use CSC on any of them. I have only known how to maintain locally ( I kind of prefer that anyhow.) and for the kind of…
  • since i cannot upload screenshots , here is the audit log. as you can see I enabled IP6 , disabled ipv6 visibility then disabled ip6 traffic , then was able to successfully test mail settings and now i am getting emails to gmail account. Dont ask me why this worked, I have no idea. but this is all i did to make it work.…
  • Very Odd, I believe I got it.. and you will not believe how !!! i would add some pictures and stuff but cannot this forum is giving me a "Request failed with status code 403" error
  • Yes which is why thunderbird and k9mail work