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  • My original question was left back in June , I still have not gone to NSM and frankly we are looking for a replacement Firewall, the fact that it is 2021 and you cannot export or import IP address / FQDN from the gui is absurd to say the least. Support is lacking very few i speak with actually know what they are doing or…
  • Ya I only have like 5 production office firewalls, 3 production remote user firewalls and 2 non production TZ350 (lab) firewalls to play with. So basically a handful , definitely not a fleet , I dont even use CSC on any of them. I have only known how to maintain locally ( I kind of prefer that anyhow.) and for the kind of…
  • since i cannot upload screenshots , here is the audit log. as you can see I enabled IP6 , disabled ipv6 visibility then disabled ip6 traffic , then was able to successfully test mail settings and now i am getting emails to gmail account. Dont ask me why this worked, I have no idea. but this is all i did to make it work.…
  • Very Odd, I believe I got it.. and you will not believe how !!! i would add some pictures and stuff but cannot this forum is giving me a "Request failed with status code 403" error
  • Yes which is why thunderbird and k9mail work
  • you could use a match object - webmail block with application list to include webmail gmail, then in your rules app rules using match content of the new webmail block, you can exclude the IP(s) of the user(s) using the gmail accounts
  • Sorry but the API is cumbersome, I used it once and found it cumbersome, frustrating and made many mistakes, that and I can copy and paste in the UI faster than typing in the API, and I am not a API user by any means, I spend more time looking up the commands and using trial and error, most of the time its in error. This…
    in Gen 7 TZ 370 Comment by MPERU99 April 15
  • *updated info for future references. Supposedly our public IP was being reject by SNWL's grid ( not sure if they mean SendGrid or what they are referring to as grid ) it has since been greylisted to allow email flow.
  • Emails are now flowing between our organization and sonicwall, It was on sonicwalls end.. Good job Sonciwall for fixing this.
  • @Thekmumm @Terri @RobW @TKWITS We purchased the TZ670 last year, the default firmware was a major issue in regards to DNS , it would not allow you to correct DNS. this was a major issue not allowing the sonicwall to access the internet , which also means that the sonciwall itself could not get its license, or validate.…
    in Gen 7 TZ 370 Comment by MPERU99 April 14
  • ** correction on this.. no one from our organization can email so sonicwall- i thought it was just myself.
  • Thank you for confirming, much appreciated
  • ** correction - noone from our company can email sonicwall
  • Ran a SMPT test using SMTP_diagtool from the mail server, its definately blocked on Sonicwall end. tech im working with admitted from diagtool log they are blocking it somewhere along the way. they just dont know where. The diagtool log clearly shows connection to sonicwall mail server , accepting commands Connected. 220…
  • we host our own email server. (non exchange - but exchange compatible) known facts : was working fine until yesterday yesterday morning I applied the renewal key to ES5000 , sonicwall says this should not have changed anything. ES5000 only takes on incoming emails - not out going Other company workers can email sonicwall…