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New user - login to NSM - Loop at SSO with Capture Security Center.


I'm quite new to NSM. It works so far good for my account.

Now I want to create a login for a new user.

I've created the user in MySonicwall, added this user to a user group with permissions to the appropiate tenant.

I can login with this new user to Capture Security Center. When I want to go to Network Security Manager, a message "SSO with Capture Security Center in progress. Please wait." appears.

After some seconds I'm back at the Capture Security Center Overview and I'm not able to get to NSM.

Login to MySonicwall with that user ist working, but not to NSM.

So, what can I do to get the Login to NSM working?


Category: Network Security Manager


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    Michael_BischofMichael_Bischof SonicWall Employee

    The login to NSM is not supposed to be done from, from, but from or from

    If the login from is not working, please try from

    Log in to with your new user or and click on "Services>>Available Services" on the bottom left.

    Click on "Capture Security Center" under your Available Services and you should be automatically forwarded to the Capture Security Center. Make sure you picked the correct tenant from the drop-down menu and click on "Network Security Manager".

    If the issue persists, then you might have a problem with 2FA or the permissions for the new user. In that case, you should open a support ticket, so our team can investigate.

    Kind regards,


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    jasni26jasni26 Newbie ✭

    Hi Michael,

    I'm login via login is working including 2FA. I can then switch to my sonicwall and access the mysonicwall site.

    Under Available Services "Capture Security Center" is shown.

    Network Security Manager is presented to me as an option (which is not, if I had not enough permissions).

    I click on Network Security Manager, then the message "SSO with Capture Security Center in progress. Please wait." appears and after a few seconds I'm right back on the start screen of the capture Security Center page.



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    jasni26jasni26 Newbie ✭


    I did some further investigations and tests.

    I created a new user in mysonicwall, added the user to a group which has permissions for the tenant.

    Onboarded the new user, configure 2FA for the user.

    In NSM the new user is listed under CSC users - users.

    Tested login to NSM, it's working.

    When I EDIT the user (CSC Users - Users - Action - Edit) and configure unter Access the devices the user should have access to, after a short time the user vanishes from the user list and on the next login the loop starts.

    Because the user isn't listed anymore, I'm not able to revert these settings.

    Sounds like a bug in NSM User management.

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    RysimuraRysimura Newbie ✭

    Good morning I have the same problem:

    I have a new user that does not allow me to view my firewall group.

    This account does not have 2FA and I have validated that it has administrator permissions.

    However when I enter the portal, YES I can view ALL my computers and groups but when I enter the portal, I can access and view the groups but when I choose a group does NOT load and remains in loop.

    If I choose another group it loads the panel but does not show any firewall.  

    I have a master or initial account that can see and access all the portals but it belongs to another user.


    Please help 

    Translated with (free version)

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