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  • Hi all, now with 7.0.1 on a NSv 270 in classic mode: Filtering htps/snmp/ssh access to the device ist working like expectet (as it was for very long time). But in policy mode it is not working !!! There is not possibility to restrict access to the device Wan-Port ... When will this be repaired ???
  • @TOMCHOU when you hit the info-button in Policy / Rules and Policies / Security Policy / Configuration will get this Info: There are no system default rules. Packets are dropped if failed to match a rule ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That is wrong, because in syslog-output i can see: Jan 30 04:56:22 id=nsv270…
  • @SARAVANAN : for critical issues pls. open a ticket, give full tsr. and so and so on ... I think, it is very critical. So why a tsr ??? You can check it it in your own environment. Support told me: made by design ... There is already a case open, but we loose too much time while thinking about tsrs and so on ...
  • @SARAVANAN, i have SonicOSX 7.0.0-1128-31e37b64 on Vmware vsphere 6.5 X0,X1 Management not useable, because not restrictable ... and this is a serious Problem
  • Hi SARAVANAN , >If you are trying to restrict the WAN management for all users, please have the HTTPS management check box on the WAN interface >disabled. >If you are trying to restrict the web management for certain users based on IP addresses, please specify the source field on the access >rule with allowed IPs with…
  • Hi, in former times we had: How can I restrict admin access to the device? | SonicWall but this does noct work on WAN/LAN so there is a strange security hole, so
  • Hi, what do you mean with "Use Policy" ??? For more than 20 years it was possible to IP-restrict access to sonicwall-devices, now this feature is gone ... I can't believe ...
  • Hi, I think its the same with vmware-based virtual appliances: no snapshot but backing up via ftp with the a built-in mechanism system-firmware&backups-settings
  • Hi, may i ask what problems you see with on physical appliances ?