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  • I tried to go into the Sonicwall but the Geo-IP filtering wasnt implemented on the firewall
  • Yesterday I checked the physical connections and everything was where they should be - not sure what I was thinking. I had originally worked with a Sonicwall tech to setup all of this six years ago and since then the only thing that has changed was the new server and a new Sonicwall but things were working before the new…
  • I found the Packet monitor under Investigate but not sure what I am looking for there - will go back and look at the directions. One thing I was thinking about - before we changed everything over, we had two servers with two connections to the Sonicwall, I am assuming on X0 and X1. I unplugged the cable that was going into…
  • I went into the Sonicwall GUI, into Monitor but I dont have a Packet Monitor - can it be called something else?
  • Yes that is the first thing we tried on the local server, we did a localhost and the program came right up like it should. Thanks
  • I was able to setup the Virtual Access Point and was able to connect to it without an issue - so that part worked good. But still have the issue where the user needs to be able to access the Windows Server 2016 network - not sure how this works? I assumed once you connected wirelessly, then you would be able to access the…
  • Thank you very much - works good.
  • I guess when I talked to the Sonicwall techs, they said the Sonicwall should be doing that so was thinking that was the issue why I cannot access the network server via a wireless connection - is there any documentation that explains how to do this?