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  • Please also like RFE ID 4009 which asks for Support for Wireguard Connector on SonicWaves APs on similar overall goal but an alternative way of getting there.
  • Dear Den, When Packets traverse a network Administrators might want to deny certain traffic that is unwanted. The most basic way of blocking certain network is to implement a Packet Filter. A Packet Filter will examine Packets going through the Filter and will decide, based on a list of rules, whether a Packet is allowed…
  • Hi All, Just to bring awareness of some special cases on this topic. You can also see the serial # asa you connected to your ssh terminal, you will see username@serial#. However, please mind that in order to confirm what you are looking at (which is Unique Firewall identifier) is actual the serial # of your firewall, just…
  • Hi Mike, Depending on the desired and Wan reliability at the site B (let's call this HQ), you can do the traditional Hub and spoke with B being the Hub and Site A and Site C being the spokes. That is usual/traditionally Hub and Spoke config. using usual Policy VPN SAs from Site B towards both Site A and Site C. The cons…