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  • Thanks for your update Darshil, -Legacy CT is based on RasDialer concept whereas MCT uses LAN. MCT support DeviceGuard and Secureboot features. -Legacy Connect Tunnel would be phased out in our upcoming version. As of current we still support this product. -12.4.1. is a client shared by support to review functionality. If…
  • Hi @Scott, As of current this would be a feature request . To get this feature into product line we would request you to open a support request. once we have support request our support team would raise a feature request with Product Management for further review.
  • 1) Are the appliance(s) on supported firmware with recommended hotfix? 2) Is the device configured with recurring EndPoint Control check for users. 3) Could you open a service request if the issues are seen or reported with latest hotfix. We have addressed this on our recent hotfix (Debug level longing should help us in…
  • -It would be difficult to find root cause without any logs or trace info -We would need your help in raising support request and have log level turned to debug mode under log-Settings and trace captures(Support would assist in collecting this data and assisting you to find the root cause). -OR NOTE: Task to be performed…
  • HI @Shultis, We are reviewing your requirement. We shall have this thread updated.
  • Hi @Darshil, -We have options to map applications under EPC. All logs could be captured with help of Syslog or Radius Accounting. -Currently we have some standard reporting info available. It would be helpful if the above logs do not help in capturing info needed request to open a Service request . If such log or data…
    in SMA Queries Comment by Skumar June 2021
  • Hi @Darshil, 1) Wanted to know processor being used on Surface Pro: We have a separate client for ARM Based architecture. If Intel based architecture: We have seen issues with resource access.. and are reviewing how to address in long term. Currently below workaround helped…