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  • A Google search of "sonicwall switch port mirroring" turned up page after page of hits. Most of them showing how to configure it using the SonicOS from your firewall management. If it is a standalone switch, you may have to use the command line interface. Perhaps this may get you started: Russ
  • Hi @Ena, Clearing the cache does not help. Refreshing the page does work, but it's one more click that is required - the same as if I click the "home" link. Searching for "browser refresh after back button" pulls up nothing but instructions on javascript that must be embedded in the web page that detects when a page is…
  • Thanks for your reply. I typically just stay in the category "Latest discussions". After clicking on a post to read or comment on, the "back button" (side mouse button is configured as "back") takes me back to where I was, even if it was on page 2 or 3 of the discussion category, BUT, the flag on the post that I just read…
  • And did you go to the link provided to see what it said? Russ
  • FWIW, I successfully installed 4.10.6 on Win 11 in December. Russ
  • Thank you @Enzino78. Yes, I contemplated adding the flexible storage module when we upgraded, but opted out since we already had the syslog server set up. Russ
    in syslog facility Comment by RussF May 24
  • For what it's worth, we use Kiwi and it does its job. Haven't really gone into it to take full advantage of all its capabilities, use it mostly as a backup log system for our Sonicwall and network infrastructure. Interestingly enough, I installed it because we were having issues with our TZ400 randomly rebooting itself.…
    in syslog facility Comment by RussF May 24
  • Sonicwall's pdf.MP_336 refers to CVE-2018-12754 which was published in July of 2018. It's odd that the anti-spyware engine would all of a sudden start false-flagging a signature that's nearly four years old (not impossible - just unlikely). Especially in lieu of the fact that no one else has chimed in on this thread with…
  • That's interesting. I'm still on -5051 and was originally planning on installing -5052 this weekend until I saw that -5065 came out and has supposedly fixed a number of issues introduced with -5052. Please let us know. I will hold off our scheduled update because at least -5051 is reasonably stable for us at this point.…
  • Which "latest firmware" are you referring to? I was planning on installing 7.0.1-5065 this weekend, but since we deal with a LOT of PDFs, I just may hold off. Russ
  • Ah, but THEN, you have to figure out what version you have distributed to your users without calling or emailing them with instructions on how to find the version number. Easy, I thought, I would just look at the setup file name(s) in my GVC folder. How about "184-010739-00_REV_A_GVCSetup64.exe"? Well, it has SOME of the…
  • If you want my personal opinion (which is worth every penny you are paying for it), I think you were sold a bill of goods. According to Xfinity's own support website here: , The cabling requirements for internet speeds up to 1200 Mbps:…
  • Yes, and that is truly a sad state of affairs. This forum is SUPPOSEDLY monitored by tech support staff, and there are SO many questions that could be resolved quickly by one of them, but you RARELY see any of them respond (unless, of course, someone needs to be chastised by @Terri ). Stepping off my soapbox now... Russ
  • In another thread, @daleb was somehow able to find a screenshot of the notification center with trashcans to delete. Neither my search online, nor looking in the sonicos-7-0-about.pdf (downloaded Feb 7) turned up the same view - everything I have been able to find does not have those icons on them. "Product Managers, take…
  • Nope - still just ignoring them 'cause they always say the same thing. Russ