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  • Thank you for the information. While I understand why S1 would want to keep some things secret I do not understand why they wouldn't give the end user something.
  • I have the same issue with a TZ 370. I ran across this post. Hope I don't have to wait as long as this guy to get a response
  • That's pretty much the same symptom I had originally. Except mine wasn't passing traffic. There are more logs available if you go into the diags site. I believe the tech found a memory exhaustion entry in the trace log on my device. You may want to try looking there. Maybe someone from Sonicwall can chime in to help you…
  • I may have spoken too soon. We have the TZ370 configured in a HA setup. Yesterday the secondary became the active device. When I flipped it back to the primary being the active device within a few minutes it would fail back to the secondary. All that was in the log files was a lost heartbeat message. Once I power cycled…
  • other than the interface being extremely slow i would say it had been stable.
  • Yes, the issue was resolved with a firmware update. I was given a hotfix firmware version from support initially. Since then I have been able to install firmware updates without any problems. The problem turned out to be that the memory on the TZ370 was getting exhausted. The tech I worked with was able to get a log file…
  • Thanks for the information. I agree setting up DynamicDNS and GEO-IP filtering would not be worth the work
  • Sorry for the misunderstanding. Both computers are remote. Both computers are using the same username for the SSL VPN. I want to allow remote ComputerA access to the SSL VPN while restricting remote ComputerB from accessing the SSL VPN. Thanks
  • I had another lock up today on a TZ370. I'll be attaching logs to the case. I was not able to get logs using a console connection because the customer did not want to wait until I got there to gather the logs. They needed to be back up and operational ASAP.
    in TZ370 Lockups Comment by NTI March 2021
  • On average it has been about 2 weeks between lockups. These are new deployments. The configurations were manually entered and not copied from another Sonicwall. These devices are locally managed. I had sent log files from one of the devices to support . They reported they cannot find anything that would cause the device to…
    in TZ370 Lockups Comment by NTI March 2021