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  • Hi @RichardH , Could you unplug Port 10 cable and check the cpu and memory again. I thing, on the Port 10 PC or Server is a problem.
  • Hi @Transmin You must the change GVC VPN interface ip adress. This configuration isn't correct. Remote user network ip and Sonicwall VPN subnet must be different. after change the vpn interface ip address, problem will be resolve.
  • Hi @samaj You can install ELK (Elastic Search, Kibana) or similar log analyze software (KİWİ) and you can find the seconds, hours, days, mounts, years. Sonicwall doesn't show seconds or days. only you can see into the Log settings, log event count.
    in logs count Comment by MitatOnge April 2
  • Hi @bob Please check the "Enable SIP Transformation" checked on the SIP access rules, App Control Advanced / VoIP catagory not blocked. App Control Advanced filter as Application and check the SIP application not blocked. some IP PBX sent to anonymuse authantication info during SIP logon process. please check the ip pbx…
  • Hi @samaj You can decrease UDP Connection time out from 30 seconds to 20 seconds and than increase "UDP Flood Attack Threshold (UDP Packets / Sec):" limit to %10 or %20. please take a backup and change the step by step settings and test it.
  • Hi @Boralexx , can you check below settings. IPS Low level prevention unchecked Switch mtu size and sonicwall Lan interface MTU size must be same. Gateway AV Tcp Streaming uncheked. no Connection limit on each access rules advanced tab. Firewall Settings / Advanced / Control Plane Flood Protection will be unchecked. during…
  • Hi @WNRG_NathanOrlina; I think If you have a LDAP integration on the sonicwall. Please dont use standart trusted user in the vpn profile. Below rules are mine and standart for me. Create an OU for Sonicwall. Create User Groups for eache sonicwall service. (For CFS, APP, IPS, ACCESS RULE service and others you should create…
  • Hi Jason, you can find the high availability sensors in the "SONICWALL-FIREWALL-TRAP-MIB.MIB" file at Sonicwall download center. MIB File Section is below. ========== High Availability ==================================== trapTypeEnhHaActivePrimary ( 6201), -- Primary firewall has transitioned to Active…