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  • It's still the same with the new firmware, we have disabled signature pdf.MP_336 (Malformed-File), for now.
  • Were running SonicOS 7.0.1-5052, didn't notice that 7.0.1-5065 came out this week. I'll install that and see if it makes any difference. As there looks to be a lot of fixes in that version.
  • The above, reads that only partners will be able to get an NFR license, for their use. (Or that's how I read it). Is the offer, open to end users? If so, do we just need to speak with our reseller, to get the license?
    in NFR License Comment by MartinDT April 11
  • If you can find out the plans that would be great.... We will have a requirement soon to also report on websites accessed off network not, not just blocked sites. So ideally we would like to be able to report on all traffic. Thanks,
  • Hi, I notice GMS 9.3 was released on the 25th, so I will update it to solve that issue. I do feel like CFC has been forgotten about, it's missing several features I would have liked to see implemented by now, such as logging all web traffic not just blocked traffic, better reporting and so on. And the reporting site is…
  • That's right, we will have around 1,500 Chrome Devices come September... Users log in using an email address, which is synced from AD to Google. I know some other vendors have implemented an agent that runs on the chrome devices, which can match the login email address, against AD, find what AD groups they are in and…
  • We are looking to use browser NTLM for them, but that's another login box they need to login to after logging into the device. @shiprasahu93 do you know if this feature might be arriving in Gen7? If not can we add it as a feature request?
  • @Chris Is it possible to get access to the Beta forums too... I have the download option in MySonicwall, just can't see the forums. Thanks