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  • Hello, everyone Until today the support from Sonicwall could not help me any further. Existing tickets will be closed without addressing the problem. I've had to solve the problem weeks ago for me by using a Sophos UTM instead of the TZ370 cause it was unusable for me with this significant bug! I offered support to make…
  • @TKWITS I did a factory reset and re-created the configuration with the latest firmware (5023) without importing it. Again, this did not fix the problem. I am now waiting for an answer from support for a proper solution. Otherwise I will throw the device in the cupboard as well or sell it. @Halon5 I'm pretty sure that I'm…
  • I have been using a different firewall (Sophos SG) since the beginning of the week. The problem has not occurred since then. The same network components were used, iklusice cables. The configuration is also the same. So I can definitely say that the Sonicwall is the cause. It is very likely that the firmware has a bug. I…
  • I think I can get 2 IP's from the ISP (UPC Sunrise). But the cable model only has one port and I don't have a switch available at the moment. However, I know for sure that I had no such problems with the old firewall (Cisco RV220).
  • The problem also occurs under release 7.0.0-R906. A factory reset does not change the behavior either. After rebooting the TZ370 device everything works fine for a few hours. Afterwards packet losses and considerable losses in throughput (see above). I have now tried all available firmware releases to no avail.
  • Unfortunately not. Meanwhile I tried different firmware releases. The latest from September (7.0.1-5023-R1826) seems to be totally messed up. Even WAN access doesn't work with it. Can I use my current config (release 7.0.1-5018-R1709) with the initial release (7.0.0-R906)? Is this compatible?
  • The security services are not even licensed on this device. I received the device with firmware 7.0.0-R906 and then upgraded to 7.0.1-5018 due to these issues. I will do a factory reset again. If this does not help, I will create a ticket with support. Thanks for these tips.
  • Services like Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware IDS, Botnet-Filter, DPI-SSL, DPI-SSH, etc. are all disabled. There is no excessive CPU load on the device. There are 2 active users on the LAN. The device should be in idle mode most of the time.
  • The problem with IPSec VPN still occurs in the latest firmware release (7.0.1-5018). A downgrade to R509 solves the problem. IPSec works fine.