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  • @BWC thanks for the insight. It must be a common problem as adding that middle certificate also fixed another mortgage banking site. As for contacting them, it's like trying to herd cats. The mortgage world is a prime target for scams, fraud, and bad sites, yet they invite it with deplorable security. At one time we tried…
  • Well, even though it's not the way that Sonicwall shows to do it on the Sonicwall University video on the subject, or in the Knowledgebase Article, two of the three certificates in the chain had to be added. The third one alone won't work, the top one alone won't work, but the top and middle will. Good thing because the…
  • @Larry thanks again. That is truly a great video; however, it just made things more perplexing. First, it confirmed that I did import the certificate correctly. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it confirmed that the root certificate was already in the Sonicwall certificates as part of the software as confirmed by…
  • @Larry First, thank you for taking the time to reply. Yes, a pita indeed, but I'm not sure I agree with minor. Ugh. I did import the certificate from that site, but no joy. Same issue. I love how the way to really fix it according to the article is through the diag page and, "not recommended." Any idea why this cert isn't…
  • One I just finished was crap code/bad firmware. It didn't work in version 6, and they didn't fix it in version 7. I sent all the TSR files, exports, screenshots, etc. They didn't even need to load any of them. Any wall would replicate the error, but does he ever even try? Nope. "This will be requiring real time…
  • OMG! That makes so much sense! In both of my most recent experiences, I had to become extremely hostile and demand that the CSR quit marking the case, Pending Closed. I hadn't heard from him in two weeks, he sends a token response, and marks the case that way. I went off on them both times and they quit doing that. The…
  • I get it. It stinks that you have to be, "that person," but if you want the support you paid for, then that seems to be what it takes. I should also add that in both of my tickets over the past year or two, I told them I would start pasting a demand in the ticket every single day until it was escalated. The problem being…
  • Sadly that's what it took here. After two weeks of sitting back and playing nice, I actually had to become someone I don't like to be to get it escalated. I hate that you have to be that way today to get things done at times. It sounds like you've been dealing with it too. The sad thing is that once it got escalated, we…
  • For anyone else fighting this, it turns out that this is indeed a hole in the firmware, and as of now at least, there is no resolution date for a fix.
  • Well, interestingly enough, within an hour of posting this in the open forum, after two weeks of nothing, the case magically got escalated. Thanks to Anthony who after two weeks of absolutely nothing, took ownership of the case and confirmed the issues within an hour. Unfortunately, this a hole in the firmware and there is…
  • Disregard. Turned out to be buggy firmware.
  • For anyone else's benefit that encounters this, members over at Spiceworks have duplicated this and are seeing the exact same behavior, so we have a bug/bad firmware. I opened a ticket 4 days ago with Sonicwall, but it has yet to even be assigned to anyone. Definitely not the Pre-Dell Sonicwall days when Level 3 was in…
  • Well members over at Spiceworks confirmed the same behavior so we have crappy code in the firmware. I tried opening a case about 4 days ago that still has yet to even be assigned to anyone. I sure miss the Pre-Dell days of Sonicwall back when Level 3 was in Arizona. I guess those days are gone forever.
  • Interesting thread. Any idea why if DPI-SSL is configured correctly, (Browser certificates are showing Sonicwall, and CFS is accurately reporting blocked https sites) that the block screen still would not show correctly for GEO-IP on https sites?
  • I have confirmed that the issue only exists on secure traffic; however, as I mentioned earlier DPI-SSL is correctly configured as https sites are blocked and show the block page in CFS. Any idea why the CFS block page would display, but not the GEO-IP?