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I am President of Heliotropic Systems, Inc. I am an IT services provider for small businesses and entrepreneurs, located in Fort Lee, NJ. We offer a way for small business owners to leave their office at the end of the day with one less headache because their staff no longer complains about computer problems. (Because, quite naturally, I've made it my job to complain about computer problems!)

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  • @Volorgas affirmative. Any time you change an ISP device, you must reboot the firewall.
  • Suggestions for this idiosyncrasy. Make sure your settings in the firewall for the WAN are appropriate for the new ISP. If so then... Turn off the firewall appliance. Turn off the vendor's modem. Turn on the vendor's modem and wait a few minutes until all the activity is complete. Then turn on your firewall appliance. It…
  • Following for future reference
  • @Tytec , sorry to say, you are going to have to open a Support Case for this ongoing and recurring problem if you want to have cloud backups. From personal experience, scheduled backups take place days after a problem is encountered; other times, not so much. Good luck.
  • That was my test of @RickJones value But this problem is worse than described or what you might think. In Version 2.3.3-7-R35 of NSM it is not possible to create ANY FQDN! I tried and got: I'm thinking the Quality Assurance team for this product offering is MIA. Pretty disgraceful, really. @RickJones if…
  • I originally encountered this problem with my own TZ270W. Very frustrated that a simple process was problematic. CSR at the time suggested using Edge browser instead of my default Firefox. That did work. On the other hand, all future firmware updates have been successful. If you are finding that this procedure fails…
  • Until today's thread update (thanks @A_Elliott ) I had not really noticed it, other than as "noise" but now see that those entries are hyperlinks that bring up side-slip details. Oh, for the love of Pete! SonicWall, you couldn't figure out ow to come up with an almost empty page for device login? Not sure which category of…
  • If you are a member of the SonicWall SecureFirst Partner Program and achieve 500 points, you can get a free SNSA 6.5 bridge course & exam or a chance to win the SNSA for SonicOS7 ILT course according to the most recent CER documentation. When you hit that goal you should receive an email acknowledging your achievement…
  • The June 2022 price list is now available for SonicWall partners. It does not contain ANY reference to the SonicWave 600 series. You EOS a device and then don't provide any information or ability to obtain a replacement device. OK, I'm done.
  • @LitBobOn there doesn't appear to be any separate documentation for SonicWave devices. That's because half the SW engineering world believes them to be controlled via Wireless Network Manager (WNM) - so you don't need any, and the other half believes they are controlled by the firewall - so you don't need any. Boundless…
  • @LitBobOn - Here's the latest version: Your "export" command is on page 1019 (of 2274) - good luck!
  • As an aside, the document contains the following statement: SonicWave 621 - Allows Wireless Network Manager to manage the new SonicWave 621 access point My CAM sent me an extract of a "pre-release" price list last week and this model was not included. The outrage I felt when I saw the 641 was priced 225% more than the 231…
  • Still not listed on the Technical Documentation site, which is pretty much what I was trying to point out to the SW folks who might (at times) peak at these items...
  • I also learned there are some differences in this new offering. The 231c has a SKU that provides 5-year license and costs between $700 and $800 (which includes the early 2022 16% price increase). The new 641 SKU comes with a 3-year license and costs 225% more than a 231c. I'm pointing this out because when I explained to a…