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  • @TKWITS - No they aren't stacked. @MasterRoshi i wanted to have both run together rather than one and then a failover, my idea is to spread the load with the teaming of he NIC's if i have them failed over i will lose throughput, just want to know what best practice is. Kent.
  • Hi @Saravanan My thoughts this MIGHT work, but I wasn't sure if I could just attach a second switch with portshield on the pass through to the interface I needed. Kent.
  • Hi TKWITS, Just a single NSA3600 Kent.
  • Upgraded from on a NSA 3600 to and its broken more than i'd love it would fix, DPI-SSL is almost unusable now very slow loading websites, also every twelve hours it has been rebooting randomly, logged a call with support, couldn't identify the issues. Has now come back with a comment regarding…