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  • @Arkwright - I used Wireshark on the handsets when I had them in the office and I am able to playback the conversations fine as well as see the details passing between the handsets. We have someone at the site today so hopefully I can get them to perform the same test onsite with Wireshark and then I should be able to…
  • Many thanks for the response and I'll certainly look at the 2nd part of your answer. Can I just ask if there is any reason you can think of as to why this works perfectly at their other sites behind Gen 6 firewalls? They have a NSA3600 HA Pair at another property and the handsets work fine. I have just logged onto the NSA…
  • When I click the configure button it pops up "Please select at least one port to configure" and this is the problem as I am unable to select any ports to configure. There's the PortShield Wizard option on the Interfaces page which does skip through to the Ports Assignment options but that just gives me set options and I…
  • I'm not able to select any of the interfaces to allow me to click configure. All I get is what you see in the image and if I try to select an Interface so that I can then continue to configure nothing happens. I've tried clicking every available space to see if anything gets selected but nothing happens. Even if I try…
  • All sorted. Firmware update was the key and once I had the correct connection settings it came up perfectly.
  • Thanks, Updated the Firmware on the Firewall last night and it looks like there are more settings available. Looks like the local IT people removed it from the Sonicwall so can;t test it right now.
  • Thanks for the NAT rule information. Already had that rule setup on the test Sonic here at the office. As we also have a Sonicwall in the office as our office firewall I was able to look at the Logs on that to see what it was receiving. With that NAT rule in place and pinging the office network gateway I am still seeing…
  • I did try looking through the MIB file but it wasn't obvious where to find the parts I was looking for. I've decided that this is a nice to have but not a necessity as the standard PRTG Sonicwall SNMP Sensors give me all the data I need and I can tell at a glance which Firewall is the primary just from the traffic stats.