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  • Also, it seems that the "classic mode" option does default to the proper domain name and your browser remembers to use classic mode on subsequent visits. But I am not finding an option to default to that mode. Is that somewhere in the config?
  • MASTERROSHI, thank you so much for your help. It's still not working for me. I found it a little counter-intuitive that you had both portals checked off in your sales domain. I am unable to check both off (my firmware version is different I guess because it has the more classic look to it). Also, my options under…
  • MASTERROSHI, thanks for your help but so far I am unable to get the new portal I created working either. I did select the portal name under "domains" to be my new but it's still logging into local domain for some reason (by default and without and option to change it like in your screenshot from eariler). In the portal…
  • This is a couple of weeks old, but has anyone found another solution yet? The client is asking for the domain not default to LocalDomain and that is understandable. The problem with setting up a portal/virtual host seems to be that the desired domain is the same as their website domain, so trying to set up a virtual host…