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  • I recommend using /direct/cli. Send a POST to that endpoint with headers: Content-Type text/plain and Accept text/plain. In the body, send raw text “show license status”. The returned text will include the license info and expiration.
  • Hi @CTaylor, Please create a support ticket so we can work with Engineering to provide a hotfix for this issue. Feel free to send me a private message with the case number so I can help follow up on it. Alternatively, you can try the /direct/cli endpoint to send the command as CLI commands in the request body. Thanks.
  • Hi @CTaylor, Thanks for reporting this. I reproduced it and filed a report with Engineering. My suggestion as a workaround is to try /direct/cli to send the commands as CLI commands to the API. I haven't tried it for this purpose, but I think it would work. This discussion has details on how to send a request to…
  • The 6.5.4 API Reference Guide includes references to override, but admittedly it wouldn't be something one could find by searching the document for a keyword such as preempt. With that said, it is sort of hidden in plain sight :). It should be more prominently highlighted in the documents. Thank you for the feedback.…
  • Hi @CTaylor, Sorry for the delay. This week has been hectic. The 6.5.4.x API endpoint for editing an existing physical interface is /interfaces/ipv4/name/{NAME}. I noticed that if you send the following JSON, the command fails as you described. { "interface": { "ipv4": { "https_redirect": true } } } But if you include the…
  • It is technically not editing them but trying to delete them since they are not part of the JSON in the PUT request. You cannot delete physical interfaces so nothing happens to them. You can delete VLAN interfaces, so there's potential those could be removed. If there's configuration the prevents removal of the VLAN (such…
  • Thank you for the info. To create a VLAN interface, you can send a POST to /api/sonicos/interfaces/ipv4. To edit a specific physical interface's configuration, send a PUT to /api/sonicos/interfaces/ipv4/name/{NAME} (X0, X1, U0, etc.). To edit a VLAN's configuration, you can send a PUT…
  • Hi @CTaylor, Can you please upgrade the TZ 570 to the latest release (7.0.1-5023) and re-try? Would you mind sharing the JSON you are sending in the PUT request? Please replace the real values with dummy values. Thanks. Jaime
  • Hi @CTaylor, Engineering addressed the issue and targeted the fix for an upcoming 6.5.4.x Maintenance Release. Thanks. Jaime
  • Hello @CTaylor, Even after working with the firewall for a while and subsequently rebooting it, I couldn't get the API response to include the missing details. I was very confident I saw the details previously in the API response as I mentioned yesterday, but now I'm questioning my sanity 😃. I reported the behavior to our…
  • Hi @CTaylor, I’ll take a deeper look tomorrow, but from a quick test on my end using a TZ 400 running, I am seeing those items you noted were missing in your firewall’s response data. That was the case until I disabled Geo-IP. From then on, I am missing some of the expected data in the response—even after…
  • Hi @CTaylor, As far as I'm aware, there is no API endpoint for that in SonicOS. The datacenter selection is set on the firewall via mysonicwall.com. It seems this isn't a setting you can apply locally.
  • Hello, Address Groups become ”mixed” type when an object such as an FQDN object, MAC object, or IPv6 object are added to it. Please try referring to the group as a an IPv6 group instead.
  • Hello, Email Security is not my specialization, but I tried to look into it. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten anywhere with it. Your best bet will be to create a support case so that our Email Security specialists can help you. In the meantime, I've passed this to a colleague for his thoughts.
  • Just FYI, the override is also available on Gen6 and doesn't hurt to include it. I usually make it a point to add the override in my scripts.