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  • Got it. Please check if HTTPS User Login is enabled on the firewall’s interface. You need to start with calls to the /auth endpoint and successfully auth before sending calls to others. Your post suggested you were using a local user. Is that the case, or are you using the default admin user?
  • Hello, Can you show us some of the details of the request? Please obfuscate the auth data. What endpoint are you calling that returns 401? If already authenticated successfully, did you send a POST to /start-management after authenticating with the user? Hope that helps.
  • Hi @AdamTheManTyler, Please refer to my latest comment the original discussion. Thanks.
  • Sorry for the delay. I see the issue now. The JSON includes the name of the group you are editing, but "name" isn't a valid command within the CLI level you are in for editing that IPv6 address group (because this object's name cannot be changed). With other objects, the "name" command is available so you won't see the…
  • Hi @AdamTheManTyler, Regarding the Swagger API documentation site, you can reach the Gen6 API documentation site from your Gen6 firewall's UI by clicking the link on System / API (MANAGE, then on the left pane click the API page at the very bottom). Alternatively, you can click here:…
  • Hi @Overflow2021, There are some differences between Gen6 and Gen7 in both the API and the CLI, so writing a single set of instructions for all firewalls may not be 100% possible without some additional logic to account for those situations. Some CLI commands are different between Gen6/Gen7, and many API endpoints…
  • Excellent! Thanks so much for the feedback.
  • Hello @jayb, Another user recently posted a question on this topic. Please take a look at the following thread: https://community.sonicwall.com/technology-and-support/discussion/4740/is-there-a-best-method-to-identify-which-objects-are-default-vs-custom-using-the-api
  • Hi @hbonath, I've done a lot of research and have come up empty. I think this should be submitted as an Enhancement Request as I haven't found a way to filter those objects via the API endpoints. There is one alternative API endpoint you can use... /direct/cli. You can essentially post the show command you want and get the…
  • Hi @G_Hosa_Phat, I'm still working through this one. Engineering confirmed that Gen6 supports FTP/SCP import, but does not support direct API import. Gen7 does, but Gen6 does not. The Swagger API docs for Gen6 need to be updated. I'm working with the team to update the docs. Thanks!
  • I spent some time reviewing my old code and testing against Gen6. After beating my head against my desk and staring at my code for a while, I tried to compare it against a Gen7. The Gen7 worked. I'll keep trying with Gen6, but I suspect there's a problem with the endpoint.
  • Thanks for the great posts. I'm sure these will be really helpful to future readers. I hope to see your project on Github one day 😎.
  • I'm happy that I was able to help. Thanks for confirming the character limit. That's helpful. I suspect that's changed in Gen7 given the character limit was lifted from the GUI. The E_ERROR "Not allowed in current mode" tells me that you possibly were preempted, and are now in non-config mode. Interesting that the JSON…
  • Hi @G_Hosa_Phat, Send a PUT to /administration/global with the following JSON: { "administration": { "web_management": { "certificate": { "name": "MY_CERT_FRIENDLY_NAME" } } } } Send a POST to /config/pending to commit. I just tried it out and it successfully changed the management certificate selection. Just FYI, I'm…
  • Hi @G_Hosa_Phat, I just got through reading your comments. I believe the issue you're facing now is an issue that was reported to Engineering and was fixed but is not available in a posted firmware release. If you can create a support case and message me the case number, I can make sure you get the hotfix. About your side…