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  • @MustafaA, thanks! The auto-created inbound IKE rule is the only inbound IKE rule. And, yes, I'd think that would be all that would be needed, too. When the cyberinsurance carrier gets back to me with specific findings and requirements, I'll post here if I can't figure out how to meet them. Unfortunately, my past…
  • No CA here since Windows SBS went away. So if the TZ won't allow the self-cert as a CA cert, that explains it, and we'll just not validate. Very small system; a church with 10 users. Agreed, Private CAs are Good Things, and yeah, we should create a PKI. But they're seldom used on systems this tiny. There's a lot of things…
  • Thanks for your reply! OK, what you're saying matches this, from the Interfaces page: Wireless is using X2, X2:V2 and X2:V3. So the APs don't know need to know how to choose VLAN 4. The X2 port chooses it for them. Then where did VLAN 4 get assigned to X2? It's not in the X2 Interface properties.