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  • Two years for a critical time function? Is there development a team of 1, working part-time?
  • This issue continues. I just had to reboot a device manually yet again, after it had only been up for 3 days run time since the prior reboot. Until I did the reboot, the device refused to let anyone connect. This is a big problem Sonic Wave. I have submitted tickets ,I have sent e-mails, I have submitted REFs. We do not…
  • Arkwright, your attitude is unwelcome and you did not understand my reply. They are not connected to a POE switch. They are connected directly to a SonicWall Router, nothing between. A scheduled reboot function is built in to the most bare bones routers home consumers can buy for under $100. We paid over $2000 a piece for…
  • Great, except we do not have these on a POE switch.
  • @preston Thank you for this post. This has been driving me nuts! I see the title "Observed Threats" and had been panicking thinking we had a big problem. And yes, then you click to get more info and it gives you nothing useful at all - where are these infections? What hosts? When? Date, time, etc.. nothing to pinpoint what…
  • SOLVED! Damn this was nuts. The solution was to create an Access Rule that says - Allow from VPN (zone) to Staff (Zone) , Source ANY, Destination X2 IP Apparently choosing "X2 Subnet" for the Destination does not treat the router's own IP address within that subnet as being accessible, even though it IS in that subnet.…
  • I should add - while the TZ270w will not reply to a Ping from the other side of the VPN, I can still open and log in as the Admin over the VPN to 6.1 . But I need the Ping test to work for our monitoring tools. It just keeps thinking it's down right now.
  • Hi Bartman, Thank you for the reply! So I went back and checked - the X0 interface does have Ping enabled already on it's setting. Not sure why that one would matter though actually, because as listed above, I left X0 as the default LAN management (as It is not bridged or setup with portshield to any of…