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  • Ciao Thomas, after further analisys, I've received from our local SonicWall team the official indication to use a larger Azure image to accomodate the needs of H/A installation even on NSv 270. Here the link to SonicWall KB:…
  • Thanks @Thomas_Buergis it is a pleasure have your answer here 😉. Probably customer budget can't fit a pair of NSv 470. Regarding the support hint I will advise the partner too. Warm Regards.
  • Hello @AGSonicWall, I think our Partner need to backup the whole Azure VM for his customer not just fw settings. ANyway, thanks for your feedback.
  • thanks MasterRoshi for your feedback. So you confirm the NSv 270 on Azure is able to see more than the two interfaces indicated in the linked QIG. Our partner that has to confirm a project involving a couple of NSs 270 in H/A on Azure with 3y services is looking for this solution. Can you provide me some proofs of this…
  • Thanks @shiprasahu93 . I think it will be useful to add your indication also in the mentioned KB so Partners and customers will have a complete information. Regards.
  • Hello @Twizz728 try to have a look at this KB article about dynamic external objects/groups, maybe it helps you: https://www.sonicwall.com/support/knowledge-base/what-are-dynamic-external-objects-groups-and-how-can-we-configure-it/200507105852280/
  • I think this issue is more than a random problem: I've collected another customer with Gen7 and issue in propogating Netbios over SSL-VPN. Any feedback from Vendor people?
  • yes, I can confirm you the rules are in place from SSL VPN to LAN for Netbios services and Netbios boradcast ( as per this KB.
  • Hello Ajishlat, SSL VPN IP Pool is assigned to SSL-VPN Zone associated a dedicated network (no overlap with LAN) and there isn't any CFS policy from SSL VPN zone to WAN zone.
  • Thanks Michael ;-) I've traced the packet arrived to firewall and the only one dropped is the one depicted above for UDP port 137, sourced from SSL VPN connected client ( with broadcast destination Dropped by Policy (?), no output interface indicated. I belived such drop was caused by IPHelper.…
  • Thnaks @BWC used it but doesn't work in the customer scenario
  • Hello, Partner have tested the configuration with DHCP over VPN for remote gateway and it works smoothly as per they desiderata. Integrating the VPN configuration depicted in the below screenshots to the KBs you linked, he solved: Anyway thanks for your help.
  • I'm looking on some KBs to provide customer with directions to use this configuration in his environment. If you have some notes should be useful since on the SonicWall Knowledgebase I'm not able to find any related docs. Thanks
  • Thanks Thomas. Hope everything fine!
  • Hello Shipra, I've done some tests since I have avialbility of both TZ570 and SonicPoint Ni. As you mentioned, on Gen7 there is all the configuration needed to address the SonicPoint Ni usage. So, I've configured the firewall to manage such AP setting a dedicated WLAN zone and a proper provisioning profile. Then I've…