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  • Enviroment SD-WAN-VPN GroupX3 Links SIDE A: NSA 4650 Version // Side B: NSA 3650 Version: Sorry to refloat this. In this same line, previous question Q1- What will happen to the session which was already initiated through Link A? The session needs to be restarted and that happens via Link B further.…
  • Thanks,. I see, We will discover things little by little. Regards.
  • No , the problem persist, After adding all 40 firewalls, and waiting doing little more than switching tabs, they all disappear with the same error I showed at the beginning. Nobody has had this problem??
  • I have eliminated all the domains (Tenants), and now one of the Firewalls appears that, by mistake, I did not enter in its domain. Could this be the problem? I will add all the Firewalls again, in LocalDomain to see what happens.
  • Yes, it allows me, a TZ270W, without registering, update configuration, Without registration in MySonicwall Previous, You will not be able to update Firmware, (important) You will NOT have security services, but for the tests you pretend, I think so.
  • Alternatively, you could: at your own risk. 1st Stop the virtual machine. 2º Create a disk in the virtual system of greater size 3rd Mount a LifeCD (Debian for example) boot it 4th mount the two hard drives, the one from the GMS, and the one with the largest size 5th use the dd command to clone the GMS disk to the largest…
  • In the Article itself it indicates this. "1. Contact Technical Support to get the Root SSH password Best method is to open a Web ticket requesting Root SSH with this KB ID in the Title" Regrads
  • Hello, I'm working on a template for Zabbix SonicOS 6.5 and I was able to get this data out, hope it helps you. Regarding the expiration dates of the support, I did not find anything. /api/sonicos/reporting/system (Licenced or UNlicenced) /api/sonicos/reporting/anti-spam/status/service (Date Licenced or Nathing o 405)…
  • Yes, but also in the GUI, at the moment I am with a TZ470 and for example the IP stack policy, (SSLVPN IP POOL) is not displayed while in a TZ400, the PopUP jumps. I guess they will have to adjust the new Gen7 firmwares. Anyway, I don't use NSM, but I do use GMS regularly and it doesn't show anything. In fact the hand does…
  • I can only talk about my experience, and yes, but in memory, not in CPU, for some reason that I do not know the memory, it runs out, and the machine begins to not do or not be able to do its tasks, and I am forced to restart it, especially to this one of 45 nodes. the other 10, very from time to time. Once rebooted, it has…
  • In my case, I am seeing a TZ670, and Yes, I have pop-up windows with the information of the network objects and the IPs, I do not access through NSM, I access the equipment directly, by WAN, and I am using Crome and the version is TZ670 v7.0 .1-5018 I hope it helps you
  • In general, this is your "default Gateway" on network computers. Sonicwall provided a tool on the CDs of the "old machines" Gen 3 Gen 4 and Gen5 called SetupTool.exe, which locates Sonicwall devices on the Network. (Not valid for Gen7) If none of this helps, the factory settings It is your last option.
  • The first thing would be to know if you meet the minimum requirements, for GMS, second to know how many appliances you have in the GMS. Third, GIVE IT MORE. In my experience, he always wants more, I have 2 GMS v9.2 an 1 GMSv9.3,…
  • As an alternative to the API, you can create a Schedule for only one time, the rule will not be deleted, but it will only be effective during that period of time, and it will never be impacted again.
  • Hello, this Friday I installed a GMS9.3 and applied the SP1 (GMS9.3 OVA of 250Mb) (I tried the previous patch but I hung up the machine) and it seems that YES, it has the functionalities for the SMA500v, I acquired a demo license of 30 days, and it seems that it has a template in the reports for SMAs, but 9.2 does not.…