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  • I believe it was setup like this because I have 3 portals but this specific portal has a different domain name than the first two portals and it requires its own Virtual Host certificate. So on the Virtual Host tab, I had to choose X0 Interface, enter IP address and that allowed me to select a separate Virtual Host Cert.…
  • My bad. I was not clear enough. Virtual Host Domain Name = Virtual Host IP Address = (Internal) - Should this be the external address? Firewall allows HTTP/HTTPS and NAT's from ( resolves to this address fine) to
  • If I ping it does resolve to the correct Public IP. This domain name has it own IP. Inside the SMA, Portals -> -> Virtual Host tab is the Internal IP address(192.168.XXX.12). My firewall NATs Public IP (HTTP,HTTPS) to Internal IP. Does the external IP need to be on the Virtual Host tab?
  • @Simon Thank you very much. If you could give a little more technical details of the Let's Encrypt process , that would be great. Like I mentioned in my original post, I have mine setup in LAN mode and in DMZ mode. I do allow 443 and 80 from my TZ500 to my SMA210 through but the log tells me that it might be a firewall…
  • Vijay, Do you have a link to the 10.2 Admin guide? I only found the SMA 10.2 Feature and Upgrade docs. I only see the 10.0 Admin guide (I searched "Let's Encrypt") but nothing was found on Let's Encrypt.
  • Thank you for the reply. I found those same documents and figured I would try here before contacting support. I will do a little more poking around and if I cannot find anything, I will create a new case. Thanks again.