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  • Hello Amervend, Are the agent one and two being used as standby agents for all the units? There is an option in the internal settings of the firewall units (.diag.html) Management settings> Use Standby Management SA. If you uncheck this option, the unit will no longer use the standby agent. If both agents are up, I…
  • The steps I would take in doing this: 1)go to product details for the unit on account and disable the ZT option for that unit 2)while on the product details, change the "Managed By" option from Cloud to On-Box 3)login to the unit and make sure the GMS is disabled under system>administration At this point…
  • I suggest checking if GMS is able to communicate with the unit by running a sync task with the unit from GMS. On the manage tab go to System>Tools>click sync now and see if the task fails or not.
  • Thanks for the screen shots, the setup looks correct now. Make sure logging level on the firewall is set to 'inform' located at log>settings and confirm that syslogs are sent to the on-prem analytics. Also you need to add the unit to the on-prem analytics by clicking the '+' icon you see in tree control panel. If still an…
  • From your initial post it looks like you are setup for sending syslogs to an on-prem deployment that is flow based. Please check if your on-prem license is for syslog or flow and make sure you deploy your server for what you are licensed for. If it is for flow based reporting then make sure GMS flow server settings are…
  • Another tip that may help with this issue is to increase memory allocation for the update manager service. See following KB to accomplish this:
  • I agree that having User info along with these blocked events would be helpful. As mentioned it should be something added in the future. If this level of filtering is needed now, I recommend trying a syslog based deployment of GMS 9.2 where you can filter by user name on the reports.