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  • Question #1: the firewall UI is accessible Q #2: will check this when I return; i'm only able to work on this during their lunch hour Q #3: the LAN is static; the WAN is DHCP Q #4:
  • a network engineer is upgrading our network to Sonicwall TZ400 a main office and a satellite office will get the upgrade we will change our current remote access to NetExtender we don't have web or email services on premises but we do have a active directory, dns, dhcp server (Win 2016) the sonicwall will use the local…
  • that chart makes my life easy with this install. thanks so much. darryl
  • The L2 switch doesn't have VLAN capability (I can easily supply a L3 switch). For the dozen users I didn't foresee the need for a VLAN. So do I need a L3 switch, create the VLAN with maybe 3 ports, trunk and tag the ports with the same VLAN ID (10) that the guest was created for? And the AP and FW are both plugged into…
  • I will do the diagnostic on the units Friday morning as requested by Saravanan V. Thanks.
  • Note also I tried two different TZ200. One at a time I connected them to the cable modem. I do not get a indicator light showing connected on either the TZ200 or the cable modem. I can plug the cable modem into the switch and get a immediate light. Looking at the LAN config it shows a status of 'no link'. I copied the…
  • By LAN interface you mean the gateway address ( or the public address? I can ping the gateway IP with no drops. Thanks, Darryl