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Management over SSL VPN

Hello again,

I'm having this strange issue with the SSL Management.

I can't use the default admin user to log in to the firewall when connected by SSL VPN, I get this error...

But if I create a new user and give it the Administrator permissions, I can use this new user...

Category: Mid Range Firewalls

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    prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭
    edited April 2021 Answer ✓

    Hi @ SonicAdmin80, This is by default as the user is logged in to the appliance as a local user ( hence why it auto populates the username on the login form ), if you were to login to the appliance as the admin account it would log you out of Netextender, most people just RDP to a local PC or server whilst connected to Netextender and login to the Firewall from that PC with the default admin account. this way you don't need to give users sonicwall admin rights


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