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TZ370 after factory reset stuck at "Initializing & Synching with SonicOS"

Connection X0 = Laptop access to TZ370, X1 = direct access to WAN checked on the router that the firewall has got an IP number.

After login with admin and password the screen stuck at "Initializing & Synching with SonicOS" - SonicOS = latest available ...95

Firmware update done to 95 and restarted

Any suggestions or steps how it can be forced to start?

Category: Firewall Management and Analytics

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    mjehmjeh Newbie ✭

    Sorry but I checked the savemode and the point is that a ROM Pack is needed as described is the article and I don't got the from the support because the firewall is out of service license...

    Any other suggestions welcome

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    LarryLarry All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    Did you not read the part where "Upgrading the ROM version only applies to Generation 6 NSA SonicWalls - 2600, 3600, 4600, 5600, and 6600"?

    This does not apply to your Gen 7 device UNLESS you are told so by SonicWall Support. And, as you say, you have no license, so no one said you need one.

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    mjehmjeh Newbie ✭

    OK - but what is the problem if I stay in the save mode in GUI - I press the reboot button (factory reset) in the GUI and it stuck in the save mode - as described after a reboot the firewall will stay in the save mode?

    What is the corresponding RAMpack to the latest firmware?

    Firmware: 7.0.1-5095-R3599

    BootRom Version: Build 229

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    mjehmjeh Newbie ✭

    I see - you mean the and boot-a.cfg - but it is not clear where the files have to be uploaded!

    I tried also the factory reset link in the save mode GUI - works to get the common login after a reset but after login and automatic redirection to "loading management app" environment the attached screen is showing

    and it stays for ever in that update loop

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    mjehmjeh Newbie ✭

    Larry - the hint with the browser was the key point! But I don't understand why Sonicwall is not willing to support the Edge browser in the newest firmware....

    Summary after this odyssee:

    Press the reset button for at least 60 seconds => save mode => upload a new firmware and try to start the SonicWall by using the button in the firmware line "restart with factory defaults" => if the firewall starts in the normal mode => OK use the standard login => if not - press the reset button for 10 seconds and you will get the standard login.

    I used Firefox to login and all was there! Setup your Sonicwall with your settings.

    One point is strange: Registration at mySonicwall by GUI is not working, all the time a DNS problem reported but I set the DNS to Googles IP's - but I can live with that and have registered the Firewall manually

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    TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's not that they aren't willing, it's an oversight like most other things. If you are using the Chromium-based Edge it should work. But ya know, web standards, who need's em.

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