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NetExtender and Windows 11 Core Isolation

I've downloaded the latest version of NetExtender (App Ver: 10.2.322/Svc Ver: 10.2.300), but it won't install or run unless I disable the Core Isolation/Memory Integrity functionality in Windows 11. Now that we're 4 months since release, how long until we have a compatible version of NetExtender so we can enable this security feature again?

Are there any beta versions available that are compatible?

Category: VPN Client


  • Michael_BischofMichael_Bischof SonicWall Employee
    Version 10.2.322 was recently released and should work for Win11
  • VNET_RickVNET_Rick Newbie ✭

    Version 10.2.322 does work with Windows 11, but it will only install if you disable the Core Isolation/Memory Integrity functionality.

    Is there a version, possibly in beta, that will work with the Core Isolation/Memory Integrity functionality enabled?

  • poder75poder75 Newbie ✭

    We are having the exact same issue. I am running the current version of NetExtender, but only with Core Isolation/Memory Integrity turned off in Windows Security. It states the drivers for NetExtender are Incompatible. The driver and version are:


    Driver Version:

    Driver date: 10/17/2017

    Published name: oem49.inf

  • AmiltonRJAmiltonRJ Newbie ✭

    The problem continues. Why isn't it resolved? Isn't there a team to resolve and update the driver to a compatible version? A product that is supposed to be safe forces us to disable a windows security feature. It should be evaluated more carefully.

  • FabdFabd Newbie ✭


    Same problem here, even after uninstalling Netextender! How can we remove all drivers correctly?

    Thank you.

  • FabdFabd Newbie ✭

    Finally, after uninstalling Netextender, I ran the following command as administrator: "pnputil -f -d oem7.inf".

    NxDrv.sys was published as oem7.inf in my case. The package was successfully removed, and I was able to enable the memory integrity feature.


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