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SonicWall Switch with SonicWave and Virtual Access Points VAP

Thomas_BuergisThomas_Buergis Enthusiast ✭✭

I have a SonicWall Switch managed by the firewall and want to connect my SonicWave with a VAP configuration,

I use a 10Gbps interface as an uplink/manage to the Switch. On that Interface, I have configured Zone "Network Management" on native X18, Zone "Wireless Provisioning" on X18:V100, Zone "VAP Internal" on X18:101, and Zone "WAP Guest" on X18:V102.

Some issues I ran into:

  • The untagged Firewall Interface to manage the Switch can't be from Zone Security Type "Wireless."
  • The VLAN setting on the Switch interface doesn't allow me to have a Native VLAN that is identical to a VLAN (Wireless Provisioning) used on the Posrtshield Interface.

I'm sure I could build a workaround with a second uplink port used, but that doesn't make sense. Don't want to ave multiple uplinks.

Anyone else having similar issues?

Category: Switches

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    prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭
    Answer ✓

    @Thomas_Buergis if you are licensed for cloud management then it is a lot easier to configure the switch and SonicWave via the cloud as there is no need for the AP Manangement to be on an interface set to the WLAN Zone. and then you also only need the one uplink


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