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SonicWave 421 & variants

Asking this question in the community as my actual support ticket seems to have been forgotten about :(

I just upgraded to an NSa2700 because I realized three new SonicWave 421 APs i bought last year can't be managed by the 2650 NSa.

I've been struggling with adding them to my 2700 infrastructure.

have them in the WWAN zone on a management vlan (70) powered by Sonicwall PoE injectors and they show up in the interface, but always in this "need to register" format and Initializing. After a few minutes it turns to Rebooting.

I've tried the factory reset, butthe result is always the same.

however when i click the Register button:

I tried registering them as products, then managing in WMN but they go online, then offline. Be that as it may, i have SonicPoint N2 also so I want to manage them on-prem as a group.

What are the conditions needed to manage them on-prem? Docs seem very confusing on this point.

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