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Sonic Mobile Connect 5.0.10 for Older MacOS system

Hello all!

Looking for the app download link for Sonic Mobile Connect 5.0.10 that will run on an older MacOS system.

Thank you!

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


  • Hello @Laurie, sorry for the inconvenience. Mobile Connect will be available in the app store on the 18th.

    Please see the current discussion here:

  • LaurieLaurie Newbie ✭

    Thank you for the update, appreciate it!

  • CPJCPJ Newbie ✭

    I am also needing SonicWall Mobile Connect 5.0.10 for Mac OS Catalina. Any idea what time today that will be available in the app store? There's no news of an older version being available for the Mac in that link above. Need a desktop version.

  • LaurieLaurie Newbie ✭

    Hi all! Any updates? I dont think anything was released on the 18th.

    Still getting error messages. Anyone know anything?


  • CPJCPJ Newbie ✭

    The link admin posted above is for a thread of a released iOS update and not for Mac desktop version. Is it possible to get previous versions of the installer for older Mac OS? There's probably more than myself and Laurie who would like to get 5.0.10 to run our desktops. Anyone in Sonic land that can offer help?

  • AnneSoAnneSo Newbie ✭

    Did anyone got the link from SonicWall?

    I am in the same case : old mac, OS Catalina... looking for the possibility to download old versions of MobileConnect !

  • CPJCPJ Newbie ✭

    Haven't found it yet. There's been no response from anyone in here. Would really like to get the software for Catalina.

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