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Probing failure on NAT static ip/WLB Resource Failed

Hello all,

We use Sonicwall 5600 for the mani office firewall. In the last three weeks, the internet dropped about three times. We found these logs that match the time:

Probing failure on NAT Static IP

WLB Resource ailed

WLB Failover in progress

After like 30 second,

Probing succeeded on NAT static IP

WLB Resouces is now available.

When this happened, we still had network connection, I could ping and our firewall IP. However, all web browsers or apps were not working. I think it is a NAT issue? since the firewall fails to translate the public ip to private ip. Although the logs show only 30 seconds down time, in reality, we lost internet for about 15-30mins.

My questions are:

  1. what's the cause?
  2. how can we prevent it?

There is a similar thread but no solution or cause.

X1 Interface dropping connection — SonicWall Community


Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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