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Unable to connect on Mac running MacOS Ventura

I am unable to get SonicWall Mobile Connect to connect to any servers when running on MacOS Ventura. We have no issues when running MacOS Monterey. Has something changed that it will not run on Ventura?

Category: VPN Client


  • ChandraSekharMChandraSekharM SonicWall Employee

    Hi KEVINSCHULTZ, while we work on local repro, can you please upload relevant logs from a fresh session? Thanks.

  • kevinschultzkevinschultz Newbie ✭
    edited September 12

    Please see attached. I have replaced sensitive info in the logs with "**".

  • ChandraSekharMChandraSekharM SonicWall Employee

    MobileConnect is common client for SMA1000/SMA100/UTM appliances. From log, MC seems to be connecting to SMA100. I basically work for SMA1000, hence referred this to SMA100 Dev team.

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