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Connect Tunnel authentication failure

This is a very basic question and I am probably missing something simple.

I'm logged in to my laptop using a local account and I need to connect to my work network using a corporate account. When I set Connect Tunnel up it asked me to login but now it just says "Authentication Failure" but never gives me the opportunity to enter the correct credentials. I enabled logging and it shows it is using my local account to connect to my corporate network.

How do I force Connect Tunnel to use the corporate account? Or at least ask which account to use when it connects?

Category: VPN Client

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    johnjamesmarshjohnjamesmarsh Newbie ✭
    Answer ✓

    For anyone else who has this problem I eventually found what it was. I have a PFSense based dual internet connection that routes the traffic according to speed and availability. For some reason the Connect Tunnel client would connect the first time I installed it but then never again. It was quite bizarre and I've not found anyone on the internet or in this forum who had any sensible ideas or pointers so I thought I would add this for the next person who comes across this issue.

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