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False advertising: TZ470 & TZ570 SFP+ support!

The TZ470 & TZ550 fake SFP+ support, They have no support for the "+" 2.5Gbps & 2.5/5Gbps software disabled.

The document lists 10Gbps compatible SFP+ and DAC Cables, is based on the old firmware up to firmware 7.0.0-R906 with the 10Gpbs ports enabled.

Link:Supported SonicWall and 3rd party SFP and SFP+ modules that can be used with SonicWall TZ series | SonicWall

Support is terrible on this matter many hours with Sonnicwall support (case number 43825314 and 43820508).

How can a customer use the 2.5 or 5Gbps Port on the TZ470 or TZ570!

@Sonicwall support: Re enabled the SFP+ port changes made after firmware 7.0.0-R906.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


  • blublubblublub Newbie ✭

    I agree!

    The compatibility table lists modules for which support is dropped - that really is a no-go!


    Supporting SFP with 2.5Gb and 5GB only is a deal-braker as basically no fiber modules officially support hat speed.

    I have tried many SFP-T modules, inculding the as compatible listed 02-SSC-1874 but so far no luck - NO LINK !!!! I have tried a manifold of different SFP and SFP-T modules costing me 500€+ for the TZ570 and my switches - total waste of my time and money

    Why was SFP 10G dropped???????? - for the sake of product segmentation just support 10G Link Speed for SFP and SFP-T and then software limit the throughput to 5G for differentiation from TZ670 - THIS CANNOT BE SO HARD!!!!

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