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Gen 7 Units Uncommand Restart Cycle

We recently observed this behavior on two TZ370 units:

  • Ran fine for days (no interruptions, restarts, or other issues)
  • All of the sudden one unit started restarting endlessly (into normal mode for about 15 seconds and then restarting)
  • The second unit would just restart into safe mode

Since both were running the latest sw_tz_370w_eng.7.0.1-5030-R2007.bin.sig firmware, we ended up having to engage SonicWall and one of the techs initially didn't want to provide a hotfix given how many "hotfixes for restarts there are for Gen 7 units" but fortunately one them provided a hotfix that listed a DPI engine crash issue.

Fortunately we were able to get the firmware hotfix uploaded and restored settings from backups but it was aggravating to see these Gen 7 units react this way.

Nitpick but MS on ping to these units in safe mode is < 1ms but in production with little to no activity it runs around 1-8 ms.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


  • LitBobOnLitBobOn Newbie ✭

    Thanks for posting. We had a TZ570 reboot unexpectedly after being online for about a week and they gave me a hotfix, too. Solid since then.

  • sonicusersonicuser Newbie ✭

    That's oddly very close to the timeframe (just over a week) when these went into action. The odd part about it is that they ran without issue before and then when they rebooted unexpectedly, one couldn't stay in normal mode and the other had to be pinned into safe mode . After years of solid Gen 6 performance (aside from breaking backups in Q4) it wasn't very reassuring to see this type of behavior and worse that we had to really kick to get the hotfix.

  • sonicusersonicuser Newbie ✭

    TLDR: It's been running solidly since the hotfix was applied.

  • LitBobOnLitBobOn Newbie ✭

    Mine has been stable, too, since the HF

  • Are you using the Global VPN Client behind your firewall ?

    I upgraded our TZ370 from version 7.0.1-R1262 to version 7.0.1-5030-R2007. After the upgrade, if I try to make a VPN connection from my PC (behind our TZ370) with the Global VPN Client (version 4.10.6 AND latest version 4.10.7) with a SonicWall TZ400 or TZ370 located at one of our customers, OUR TZ370 unexpectedly reboots. This behaviour can be reproduced over and over again. Downgrading our TZ370 back to version 7.0.1-R1262 resolves the issue without any futher change to the configuration. I opened a case with support.

  • SonicAdmin80SonicAdmin80 Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    I also had an unexpected restart problem with TZ670 about once a week. Got a hotfix and now it has been fine. How long has the Gen 7 line been out, maybe year and a half? And stilll these major issues.

  • sonicusersonicuser Newbie ✭

    So 7.0.1-5030-R2007 seems to have a potential issues with Global VPN clients possibly causing a restart under unknown circumstances.

    The 7.0.1-5030-R2007-H17127-532 hotfix seems to address this issue, something related to a crash in the data plane engine processing.

    It's likely that the bug was introduced only with 7.0.1-5030-R2007 and it's not instant (overflow or leak of some sort) but haven't had official confirmation from SonicWall on that yet.

  • Same issue with a TZ270 today, boot loops - only with WAN connected otherwise it stays up. Lacking the botfix I have tried to load older firmwares but still unit crashes and take 5 mins to recover, up for 15 secs then crash again. Created a support ticket.

  • sonicusersonicuser Newbie ✭

    Not sure if this is the necessarily caused by the same issue even though the effect is similar as we were seeing issues over a week prior but at this point SonicWall hasn't said much.

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