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Thoughts on sonicwall switches

Hey everyone,

What’s everyone’s thoughts on using Sonicwall switches? Currently we have sonicwall firewalls with a mix of Cisco and other brand of switches. I was not the one who set all of this up. Just inherited it, lol. Looking at doing a refresh in the new year. Since all of our sites are already running Sonicwall firewalls (site-site VPN’s) to connect them all. I’m considering going with their switches as well. For the people who have used them. What are your thoughts on them? Not looking for anything fancy, a few VLANs, POE capability.
Category: Switches


  • prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭

    Hi @sdeyoung, I find the new switches are ok not sure how they compare in price to other vendors though,

    I personally prefer to manage them via the Cloud portal though rather than through the firewall, the same with the SonicWave AP's as easier to deploy and more Wireless features,

    I'd also rather keep them in separate portals to manage them so you don't have everything on the UTM appliance, you can also manage the switches directly if you need also via the GUI and SSH.

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