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How to Get the Answers You Need Faster

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This tip outlines a few tricks you can use to get a speedy answer. The SonicWall Community supports Discussion and Question style posts. To learn more about discussion versus question style posts, check out this Tip on When to post a discussion or question.

Start with a Search

The SonicWall Community contains a long history of questions from fellow SonicWall product users, so it's likely that a question (and answer) that matches your inquiry already exists. Before posting a new question, try entering a few keywords related to your issue into the search bar to see if anyone else has posted something similar. If there is a search result that fits your needs and also has a green checkmark next to it, that means your question has an accepted solution, as shown below.

Note: After posting a question, be sure to mark the answer as either accepted or rejected, simply hit yes or no on the dialog beneath the answer (comment).  This helps fellow members know when an answer is credible.

Keep in mind, you can also use SonicWall’s site-wide search feature to tap into Technical Documents and Knowledge Base articles. For more information on SonicWall’s search engine, check out this article. An Introduction To SonicWall's New Search Page.

Category is Key

The SonicWall Community has several categories for asking questions. Choosing the best category for your question is important since discussions and questions can only be moved by moderators. Here’s a quick guideline for the types of questions that belong in each forum.

Category List

  • Firewalls - Get help with configuring, troubleshooting and purchasing all SonicWall firewalls including the TZ, NSa, SuperMassive and NSsp series.
  • Capture Security Center - Capture Security Center (CSC) is a scalable cloud security management system, built-in and ready to use component of your SonicWall product or service.
  • Cloud Security - SonicWall Cloud App Security (CAS) offers next-gen security for your users and data within cloud apps, including email, messaging, file sharing and storage.
  • Email Security - Learn how to protect against the most advanced email threads using SonicWall's email security options.
  • EndPoint Security - Everything you need to know or ask about SonicWall's endpoint protection capabilities using SonicWall Capture Client or Content Filtering Client.
  • Secure Remote Access - Learn more about SonicWall's Secure Mobile Access appliances and VPN client options.
  • Secure Wireless - Ask questions about our wireless network security including the SonicWave and SonicPoint series access points, WiFi Cloud Manager and WiFi Planner.
  • Switches - SonicWall Switches deliver intelligent switching for next-gen secure connectivity.

Note: When posting a new question, provide as much detail as possible. The more information others have to understand your issue the easier it will be to help you troubleshoot. Information such as the latest version you are running, types of troubleshooting you’ve already tried, etc. 

Select the Right Channel

Apart from search and categories, here are the common places our users visit to get the latest updates.

  • Announcements - These types of posts contain important information regarding products and general SonicWall company and community updates.
  • Knowledge Base - Search Knowledge Base articles to access information regarding SonicWall products, services and solutions. 

Hopefully, this SonicWall Community Tip will help you navigate the community’s resources and get the answers you need faster. We encourage you to get a hold of us if you have any questions, and as always, you can leave a comment here or tag me with any additional comments and thoughts.

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